Sour E-Liquid Flavours: Why Are They Getting Popular?

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Popularity is an extremely strange concept to wrap your head around. There is no secret formula to making anything popular. There are countless factors that can affect the popularity of a given object. For example, there was a time when the mullet was an extremely popular hairstyle. If you try on the mullet today, then a lot of people are going to be pointing fingers at you and ridiculing you for trying out something so outrageous. Perhaps, years down the line, people are going to look at the buzz cut or the pompadour in the same fashion. When it comes to e-liquids, you would expect products that have strawberry or mango flavours to be extremely popular (and they are). However, sometimes, you have a few eccentric flavours that creep up in the popularity charts and it makes you wonder why people are spending their hard earned money on sour e-liquid flavours when they could have easily bought something that sounds a lot more appealing.

E-Liquid Market Trends

It would not be too unfair to say that the e-liquid market is one that is dominated by trends. These trends are set by people in the vaping community. For instance, if the advanced vapers start developing a preference for a particular type of flavour, then that flavour will eventually attain popularity among the beginners. In other words, the popularity of a particular flavour trickles down from the top to the bottom. The beginners tend to follow the footsteps of the advanced vapers.

Eccentric E-Liquid Flavours

The trends pretty much dictate how the new and creative flavours are introduced into the e-liquid market. As a result, you can find a number of novelty products on the shelves. Some of these products are seen as one time purchases. This means that they will mostly be bought only once during a particular occasion and not re-purchased consistently afterwards. For example, if you have a Halloween themed pumpkin flavoured e-liquid in the market, then people would only be inclined to buy that product once a year and ignore it during the other days. This is pretty much how novelty products survive in the market. Very few of them thrive. The ones that do can really surprise you given how eccentric they are. Perhaps a more appropriate way to describe these novelty e-liquid flavours would be to use the term “unique products”. As far as uniqueness is concerned, the sour flavoured e-liquids are definitely high up in the list of popular products.

Sour E-Liquid Flavours

Sweet, salty, fruity, boozy and umami flavoured e-liquids are becoming increasingly popular every single day. This has left a lot of new vapers scratching their heads. Why would anyone in their right minds pay a decent price for sour e-liquid flavours? Aren’t we supposed to avoid anything that tastes sour? Well, the market consensus begs to differ. Consumers have grown a fascination with the sour e-liquid flavours and it seems quite unlikely that they are going to give this up anytime soon. There are still a good number of vapers who prefer products that are more sweet than sour. That being said, even the consumers with a sweet tooth are turning towards the sour products to become a part of the growing trend and experience flavours that are incredibly unique and unheard of to say the least.

Why Are People in Love with the Sour Taste?

It is time to get to the bottom of the mystery. Why do people prefer e-liquids that taste sour above those that taste sweeter? The answer is simple. The sour taste of the e-liquids takes them back to their days of childhood that were spent sucking on sour tart candies. Sometimes, all people want from their e-liquid is a good pucker. The sensation of nostalgia is making people fall in love with the sour e-liquid flavours. Besides, the sour taste is something that they have grown detached from since their days of childhood. When people are buying ice cream, candies, chocolate bars and other desserts, they do not normally look for sour flavours (nor are dessert makers too interested to introduce sour flavours). Now that e-liquids are providing them with the sour taste that they desire, they have formed a strong connection with the sour e-liquid flavours. Some of the most popular sour flavours include kiwi, lime, grapefruit and cranberry. All of these provide a great throat punch which is sought by the thrill seeking e-liquid connoisseurs.

Sour E-Liquid Flavours Attract Former Smokers

A lot of the vapers today were once smokers. The one thing that they miss about smoking is the harsh throat burn that they have grown used to. Most of the e-liquid flavour profiles today fail to reproduce that amazing throaty effect of the tobacco smoke. This is where the sour e-liquids come into play. They help the consumers to relive that missing throat burn feeling.


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Joe Baker:
21/12/2016, 11:58:37 AM

What are your most popular sour flavors? Also, what is your MOST sour flavor? Thanks

11/07/2017, 10:26:02 PM,

Totally agree with you. There a lot of factor that will decide something/product become popular or not. Same goes to e-juice. When it's come at the right time, place, taste and etc. Suddenly it will booommm. Just my personal opinion ;P

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