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Posted by admin 14/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

I have been vaping for almost 2 years now and just recently discovered Slims. It was recommended to me by a good friend, a fellow vaper, and someone whose opinion I trust when it comes to input on anything. He first mentioned Slims offered a create your own feature which immediately grabbed my attention. The second thing he said about Slims, was the incredible prices they offered. Im not someone to go for the cheap stuff especially when it comes to my vaping equipment or e juice, however, I gave the website a visit and quickly began searching the different recipes and base flavors Slim offered. I knew I would want to create a custom sample, but I did still want to give Slim a try with his own recipe.So many choices and combinations are available when you choose Slims E juice. Each base flavor and recipe come with a pretty detailed description, so with the online store being a small draw back in my opinion due to the fact you cant sample the juice before you purchase it, the accurately written, detailed descriptions definitely made up for this.The recipes and flavors I chose were exactly as the description stated they would be.


I began crafting my e juice based on the base flavors I had chosen. The first was a blend of 50% Milk, 25% cream, and 25% graham cracker flavorings, a sweet cream add-on with double flavor, and I chose the PG/VG ratio to include additional VG for increased cloud production. I gave this custom blend the name milker. The second juice I ordered was a Grape Bubblegum recipe mix from Slim. This also included double flavor and additional VG. Both mixes were 2MG of nicotine in 50ML bottles.I concluded my order and made sure to enter in the coupon code I saw displayed on the website for 20% off. This totaled my order from Slim to be under 20$ for TWO 50ML bottles, and this price also included shipping. I could get used to this!4 days after my order was placed, my package from Slim arrived. Upon opening it, I noticed it not only included exactly what I ordered, mixed exactly as my order was placed, but also included some extra juice..for free! Slim decided to throw in 3 sample bottles for me to try in addition to the ones I had ordered. 3 10 ML bottles included for absolutely no charge (all 0MG nicotine and more VG).The first of the three samples,Choco Milk the second, Pink Starburst, and last,Unicorn Milk. Each bottle was complete with a handwritten label which only added to the overall appearance.


I grabbed my Mutation X(v3) RDA and dripped on some of my custom blend milker. The milk and cream was great on the inhale and exhale with just the smallest touch of graham cracker. A great overall mix, which could be adjusted slightly, to become that all day vape everyones searching for. Not bad at all for my first very own custom blend! Next, it was time to see if Slim had what it took to please my taste buds by his own recipes. I dripped some Grape bubblegum, exhaled a cloud, and was very impressed. Not only did I get a strong candied grape flavor, but I felt I could really taste the bubblegum mixed in with it just slightly if I really searched for it among the many layers of candied grapes. It was great. The cloud production on this juice is phenomenal along with the flavor. It combines the best of both worlds and will have me coming back for more almost every time I drip.


Next was the sample juice Slim threw in for free. I was very happy this ended up happening not only because I got juice for no charge but I actually ended up really liking all three samples. The choco milk was another great creamy, milky mix with just the right amount of chocolate on the exhale. In my opinion, after vaping this for a couple days, its a great vape to go with coffee or when you first wake up. Second was the pink starburst which was another recipe that really surprised me with the accuracy of the flavors included. It tasted exactly like a pink starburst with nice, strong flavors on the exhale. Last to try was the unicorn milk. This was without a doubt one of my favorites. A strawberry cream flavor that combines to be the perfect amount of cream with just enough strawberry to taste, but not to overdue it.

Overall, my experience using Slims E-Juice was awesome. Custom e-juice at a great price made by a fellow vaper as well as someone who is willing to give out some samples to potentially increase business is something Slim is doing that makes him different from all the other online e-juice vendors. In addition to this, Slim will give 20% for life coupon codes to loyal customers and other chances to win free e-juice. I would recommend Slims E-Juice to anyone and highly encourage anyone checking out reviews, thinking of placing an order, to do so.


Thanks Slim!!

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