Rebuilding – Why You Should Consider It

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Rebuilding basically involves repairing your atomizers vaporization mechanism, meaning your coil and wick. By repairing, meaning replacing the coil and wicking the atomizer yourself.Rebuilding your atomizers is an art and craft on its own. Some will love it, some will hate it and others just might not have the time for it. Either ways, if youre reading this article, then it seems that you have the interest to find out why you should rebuild your own atomizers.These points are my personal thoughts on the subject and I will not go into much detail on the process of rebuilding as there are many other resources to do that (YouTube etc). I will however, in this article, explain the pros and cons of rebuilding for you to decide if its something you should take up or not.


So youre thinking of rebuilding your atomizers? Thats a good start.Lets look at the pros first.Rebuilding is definitely cheaper on the long run than buying pre made coil heads. When your purchasing your next atomizer, keep in mind that some are actually true rebuildables (Kayfun, Taifuns etc) while others are easy to rebuild (Kanger Protank, Evod etc). There are some that offer both, pre-made coil heads and the option to rebuild (Kanger Subtank kit) while others are very difficult to rebuild (Aspire Nautilus).The initial cost of rebuilding would be high as you would need to get hold of the tools and materials required, but these stuff will last you ages and hence the conclusion that its cheaper to rebuild.
When you are rebuilding, you can experiment with various kinds of coil builds and different wicking methods.


Coils nowadays are not just simple micro coils, there are nano coils, macro coils, dragon coils, vertical coils, coils made with twisted wire and the list goes on and on. The options available are only limited to your imagination (and of course, safety too).If you have a true rebuildable atomizer, you will be able to experiment with different builds. From experience, these different builds actually produce better flavor and more vapor and being able to experience these on your own is definitely a pro in terms finding your perfect vape experience.On the flip side, pre-built coil head manufacturers stick to your regular micro coils (most of the time) and hence your vape experience is limited to what they make for you.


Trusted building material
When you buy your wire and cotton, you have the freedom to select what you feel is the best for your taste. For example, the taste produced from Nichrome wire is very different to that of Kanthal. The same applies to regular cotton vs organic Japanese cotton.When you are a rebuilder, you will be in charge of what material you put in your atomizer. This is for the added peace of mind that you are using the safest material for your vape.This may not be the case with prebuilt heads. Sure most manufacturers will say they use the best materials, but in a world where almost everything is being duplicated in China, how can you be sure what kind of material goes in there? Many would not mind this, but why take a risk? Rebuild and vape in peace!This is one of my favorite reasons why I love rebuilding. Ive only very occasionally had 2 prebuilt heads show the same resistance on my devices. Even though the package says 1.8ohms on my pre-built Kanger Evod heads, for example, it’s all over the place when I plug it into my tank. This has been the case with many manufacturers.When I rebuild, using the same tools and same wire, I know exactly what resistance I would get. And if I dont like that resistance, its a simple matter of just wrapping another coil to suit my liking.Bring able to vape at a consistent resistance allows me to duplicate the same vape experience regardless of what atomizer I am using.


Now that we've looked at all the good things about rebuilding, lets look at some cons. I wouldnt really consider them as cons, but rather small obstacles one would need to conquer.Well, like learning anything else, there is a bit of a learning curve. Its heavily dependent on how good you are with fiddling with small things.Getting the perfect coil might take you a while, but it will be totally worth it in the long run.There is plenty of videos on YouTube to help you with this, and all you have to do it is to take the time and practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.Its part of the whole learning experience to make mistakes with your new found rebuilding love.Learn from them, understand what you did wrong and fix it, and then build it better.Its important to highlight safety at this point as shorts can be harmful for your mechanical mods, atomizer, battery cell and more importantly you. So make sure you know use an ohm reader to make sure youre getting a good connection and most of all make sure you fully understand the risks involved when working with mechanical mods.


Beginner frustrations
This is most commonly where one would just thinking of giving up.You try to make your coils look like what you see in YouTube videos, but they always end up messy. Ive had to go through this myself and ended up throwing things around.To avoid this, keep your builds simple. It takes a good amount of time and dedication to be able to become a good rebuilder. Practice and practice some more until you make super neat coils.Different people choose to rebuild for various reasons. I know a lot of people who simply prefer to use pre-built heads as they simply cant dedicate the time to rebuild. If youre this kind of guy, your missing out a lot in terms of your vape experience.

I hope this article sheds some light on the topic of rebuilding for you to decide if its something for you.Thanks for taking the time to read through and happy vaping!

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