An Overview of the Vamo V5

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If you are looking for a reasonably priced VV/VW mod, consider the Vamo V5. This APV is generally held in high regard by experienced vapors for its performance and its ease in use. The Vamo V5 offers some outstanding features and great qualities that make it qualify as one of the most hassle-free APVs on the market. There are a few downsides to it too but overall it is a great mod to own. If you own any of the other Vamo models, you might wonder what makes the V5 so much better. What makes this mod so special? This version uses the same style of body that the Vamo V2 uses, which is great. The V3 offered some great electronics and offered users a new OLED screen but the body left a lot to be desired. The V5 is the best of a V2 combined with the best of the V3. It also features a top that is removable making it easy to get ego style tanks off and on. 

The Highlights

     The Vamo V5 feels solid in your hands and is a very well built mod. It is not really a telescoping mod per-se but it does offer a small extension tube that allows the user to switch from an 18650 battery to an 18350. It is simple, if you want the longer battery you just screw on the small extension tube. Now your V5 is in 18650 mode. The layout of the control is one of the best features. It offers a horizontal screen making it easier to read. It also offers three buttons, the main firing button and two other buttons that offer various different functions. These two smaller buttons are used to turn the voltage up and down or change the wattage without having to scroll or fumble around with menus. 

     If you need to know how much battery power is remaining, simply hold the left button down for a few seconds. If you want to check the OHMs, you can easily find out by pressing and holding the right button for a few seconds. These features make this APV one of the easiest to use and will help make you fall in love with the Vamo V5.

     If you need to view or change the system options, press and hold both buttons together. After a few seconds, this will place you into menu mode. The left button is then used for scrolling while the right button is used to set any options. At first, it can seem a little awkward, but you will easily get used to it.

The Low Points

     Unfortunately, the Vamo V5 is not flawless. It does have a few things that are worth mentioning. For starters, it is long when it is in 18650 mode. It cannot be used for stealth vaping. When it is in 18350 mode, it is fine, although it could still be shorter. You will get over it but for the most part, you will probably want to use it with the smaller batteries. Just make sure to keep extra batteries handy. The other and perhaps most important flaw is that the 510 connection is weak. This is a known problem with Vamo’s in general. There are really only two solutions to this problem. Either be extremely careful when connecting your tanks or purchase a 510-airflow controller. The 510-airflow controller will act as a buffer and help to protect the connection. 

     Overall, this mod is one that is easy to fall in love with and is one that you will want to use all the time. It features a fantastic three-button layout, feels great in the hand and offers excellent power output. If you already own a V2 or V3, there is no major difference in the performance but the aesthetics are beautiful.

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