Never Get A Stuck Tank Again! - Finally a Cheap and Easy Solution

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How many times have you tried to refill your tank but the bottom is stuck as if it's glued on! I was once in this terrible sticky situation, alone in the house with a stuck tank. My first instinct was to ask my boyfriend to use his manly strength and unscrew as if my tank was a new jar of pickles. Alone in my apartment, I rummaged through my resources. I knew pliers could damage my tank. I tried the rubber gloves washing gloves under the sink. The gloves gave me me grip but not the strength I needed to unscrew the cap. It was then I scoured my kitchen and discovered my go to vaping tool that I can now not live without.  


The answer to my frustrating predicament came in the form of chopsticks! Not any chopsticks mind you but "cheating chopsticks". For those not in the know, cheating chopsticks are training wheel chopsticks for Westerners. Instead of two long separate sticks, these chopsticks are connected at the top. The curved flexible top of these chopsticks was the perfect fit for my Kanger Protank 2 and the long sticks make a lever that require little effort to open even the tightest screwed on and stuck tank.


Here's how it works: first take chopsticks. In order to attach it to the piece you want to loosen. Open it your device in battery first. Then open up the round tip of the chopsticks by pushing them apart so slightly. The round end should be tightly wrapped around the bottom base of your tank.


Twist using the end of the chopsticks as a lever.


Voila- open!


This technique works equally well for a stuck tank and a stuck battery.

Fred and Friend's "Party People" chopsticks can be bought in a set of six at Amazon for $12.25. That's just over two dollars a stick, and the set provides you with extra should you loose or misplace this handy tool.

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