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My husband and I have been avid smokers for over 10 years. We both started vaping about three months ago. Of coarse started out with one of those "ecigs" that you get from the gas station with no replaceable parts, but quickly moved to the istick with kanger protank 3. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked it as I was also purchasing the gas station juices that turn to tar after an hour of vaping and really lacked flavor.
I've bought from many sites to try different juices online, and I have to say by FAR, Slim's has had the best pricing, flavors, and overall customer service. You really can't beat the customer loyalty for life coupon code either! I've tried I would have to say probably 20 of Slim's flavors so far, and EVERY single one has been on point, as described and delicious! First I purchased a sample pack, and that got us hooked. entire sample pack was gone within two days and from there its been only 50ml and 100ml bottles. My personal favorites are the Pineapple express, Kirby, Drunken Turtle, Rainbow Road and Northern Lights. I personally don't care for too many menthol flavors, but that Northern lights has just the right amount of candy cane flavor to make it amazing!
This is the only site that I have seen that gives you so many customization options for your juice so you can have it made specifically for your tastes. I asked a similar site for extra flavor and they sent me a message back stating "they don't offer that." From adding additional flavor, to cutting down on OR adding more of a certain flavor to a signature juice, adding sweetener etc., they offer endless possibilities!
From what I've seen so far, there's nothing that Slim won't do to make the customer happy! I had a slight issue with one of my juices that came in the mail and I got a very fast and friendly response back, it was remade at no cost to me and it was shipped out very quickly! 
The website is so much easier to navigate than a lot of the other vaping websites. There is so much useful information that explains everything that you need to know, everything from beginner to advanced vaping. One of my favorite sections is the blog section and reading other peoples success stories and how they have been able to stop smoking. I can also appreciate being a huge vaping advocate the links on the website for pending laws and bills in the US. Also, not many of the websites that I've been to actually give you a plastic tank disclamer!
I've done everything I can to convert my fellow vaping friends to Slim's customers! Several of them have purchased from the site as well and have not been disappointed. Everyone that's tried my vape always compliments how smooth and flavorful it is. Several of them have also stopped smoking and converted to vaping. I myself now have been completely cigarette free for 40 days.
In conclusion, There is really not enough positive things that I can say about Slim's EJuice, website and customer service. I will always rate this company a five out of five and look forward to many more years of orders!

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