Is Paying a Premium Price for E-Liquids Justified?

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The word premium is something that you are going to hear every time you are out shopping. It seems as though every single product in the world today is being divided into two categories. One is the regular brand of products. The other is the premium brand. As the popularity of vaping increases, more and more vendors are beginning to use the term “premium” to describe and even define their products. What you have in the shelf is a premium line of flavours that are meant to be completely different from all the other kinds of flavours out there. The vendors will repeatedly tell you that their line of flavours is better than everything else in the market and that they are using only the finest ingredients to craft their e-liquids.

The Premium Price Tag

You do not even need the vendors to identify the premium products for you. By looking at the price tag, you can immediately understand whether a particular product is premium or not. Some consumers have made complaints about the evidently high prices that are being charged for premium products. If you shop for premium e-liquid products, you will come across 30 ml bottles that have a whopping price of $30. That is $1/ml. So, what exactly are you paying for when you are bringing out the extra dollar for the premium e-liquid? Is there any way to justify such a high price for the so called premium e-liquid? Why would you pay $30 for 30 ml when you can easily available e-liquids of the same quantity for one third of the price from other vendors? The vaping community are divided in their opinions about this. Some will tell you that the vendors are basically using a gimmick to trick consumers into paying more for a decent product. Others will tell you that there is a noticeable difference in the quality, which makes it okay for the vendors to charge a higher price.

The Price Breakdown

Whenever you are not sure about paying top dollar for premium products, you are advised to break down the cost. There are three basic ingredients that are found in every bottle of e-liquid in the market. These ingredients are propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, nicotine and water. This combination of ingredients is referred to as the base of the e-liquid and it makes up about 85% to 95% of the bottle of e-liquid that you are buying from the store. The proportion of the base and the quality of the ingredients that goes into the base are virtually the same in every bottle of e-liquid. Despite what the vendors may tell you, there is no such thing as a premium propylene glycol or premium vegetable glycerine with which the e-liquids are manufactured. Everything is pretty much the same with the exception of the flavouring. The flavouring is the only major variable in the composition of the e-liquid as flavour profiles change from one product to the other. The chemicals that are used to create a strawberry flavour for an e-liquid are not the same as the chemicals that are used to create a dark chocolate flavour for an e-liquid. The flavouring makes up for the remaining 15% to 5% of the price of the e-liquid.

The Varying Cost of Flavours

There can be a significant difference in the price of the flavourings. Not all the flavourings are made here in the United States. Many of them are imported, and these generally cost more than the ones manufactured locally. Local flavourings are actually dirt cheap to make, while the ones imported from places such as Italy have a hefty price tag. The ones that are imported from China are actually quite cheap, but they are lacking in quality. Besides importing high quality and pricey flavours from outside, some e-liquid manufacturers are known to actually create their own flavourings in order to appeal to consumers who are looking for innovative flavour profiles. Financially speaking, creating your own flavouring is not an easy thing to do and it does raise your cost by quite a bit.

Bottling Material and Packaging

One thing that we have not taken into consideration is the bottle in which the e-liquid is stored. Obviously, different brands select different types of bottles to store their e-liquids. Some bottles are of higher quality than others as they are made with more durable and heavy duty materials. Besides, the quality of the bottle material in terms of whether it will react with the e-liquid or not is another factor that needs to be taken into account here. For instance, did you know that glass bottles are actually five to ten times more expensive than their plastic counterparts?

In addition to the bottling material, the packaging can be another factor that increases the price of an e-liquid. Flashier packaging will cost the manufacturers a lot more in the long run.

Final Verdict

A premium e-liquid may not necessarily be a product of superior quality. However, if the vendors are charging you more, then they are probably making you pay for high quality flavouring, safer bottling material and impressive packaging. The best option is to buy from a reliable vendor who will not make you pay extra for a mediocre product.

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