Improper Storage Can Affect the Quality of E-Liquids

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Posted by admin 15/01/2016 3 Comment(s)

There are a lot of consumers who complain about the mediocre or poor quality of the e-liquid products that are home delivered to them. These products do not match the expectations of the vapers, let alone exceed them. In certain cases, the e-liquids are simply not usable and end up being a complete waste of the consumers’ money. This forces the consumers to switch their brands and order a new batch of e-liquid bottles. Are the consumers acting a little too quickly without looking into the root of the problem? Why are so many defective bottles of e-liquids being home delivered to consumers by brands and manufacturers that have earned quite a name in the market? It is time for the consumers to realize that flaws in the manufacturing process aren’t the only reason why the quality of a product may drop overtime. The manner in which the e-liquid is stored also plays a pivotal role in determining its quality as it is delivered to the consumer’s doorstep.

Improper Storage

Every vaper bubbles in excitement when he or she receives a vaping product in their mail. This excitement deflates as soon as they discover that there is something odd with the product. Many a times, the e-liquids lose their colour by the time it reaches your home. This compels the consumers to not use the product at all. For example, an e-liquid that has been listed as bright orange might have a brown hue by the time it reaches the hands of the consumer. If you had such an experience before, then you should understand that the quality of your precious e-liquid has been affected by improper storage. If the e-liquids are not stored properly on the way to your home, then their colour is going to change and the quality of the product will decline significantly. A product that could have gifted you with a wonderful session of vaping gets turned into an utter waste of your hard earned money.

High Temperature

A lot of factors need to be taken into account when e-liquid products are being stored. The first thing that you need to keep an eye on is the temperature. E-liquid products should be stored at a specific temperature. The general temperatures in the United States of America are not very harmful for the e-liquid products. However, when the bottles are placed inside a vehicle or a transport container of some sort, the temperature inside that carrier rises exponentially. As a result of that, the e-liquid products are exposed to extremely hot conditions that can easily alter the appearance and the chemical composition of the product. A change in the chemical composition of the e-liquid will have a massive effect on the overall quality of the product. When exposed to temperatures beyond 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit for a good period of time, the e-liquid products can undergo discolouration and distortion of taste.

UV Light Rays

In addition to high temperatures, e-liquids can have their quality affected by increased exposure to light. We are talking about ultra violet or UV light in particular here. UV light rays can cause just as many problems as high temperatures can. There has not been a lot of research done on the effects of UV light on e-liquids. However, it is fair to assume that the UV lights can lead to discolouration in the product and a change in the chemical composition. In other words, if you keep e-liquids under the sun for too long, then you can expect its quality to deteriorate considerably.

Solving the Problem

Is there a way to avoid these problems with storage? If there is a will, there is a way. There are actually quite a few different ways in which you can prevent your e-liquid from being “cooked” before it reaches your doorstep. Here are three of them:

1) Check Your Mail Regularly

Some people like to check their mail daily. Others look into the mailbox once a week. Then there are those people who let dust settle on the mailbox for months at a stretch. It is safe to say that you have to be the kind of person who checks his mail daily or at least every other day to make sure that the e-liquids that are being delivered to you are not left in the mailbox for too long.

2) Seek Help from the Post Office

This is a great option for people who live in small towns and can develop a good relationship with the employees at the local post office. If you are expecting a vaping product to be mailed, then call up the person in charge of the post office and ask them to keep your mail in their premises till you come and pick it up. By doing this, you are ensuring that your e-liquid products are being stored in an air conditioned environment.

3) Leave a Note

If you are too busy to check your mailbox frequently, simply leave a note that asks the mailman to place your mail in a cooler environment such as a shed or the garage. This will minimize the exposure to heat and sunlight.

3 Comment(s)

13/02/2016, 02:51:43 PM

I have heard some vapors talk of heating up the eliquid by various means such as a heating pad or set into a cup of very warm warm water for short periods of time removing shaking extensively then repeat process. It's said if done so properly it can measure up to three plus days of steeping or more depending on the pg/vg ratio. What are your thoughts on this and what advice could you give on proper steeping. Thank you

Shawn Wood:
13/02/2016, 03:11:05 PM

Lol your next great blog answered the above reply. Thank you for your tips. I will not resort to a heating pad ;) FYI : many places you can purchase a insert for a backpack or handbag. I find it wonderful as I can steep bottles in dark in the middle sections far more than the cigar type box, and outside pockets allow to store my vape equipment. This last one has handles so easy transport all my stuff! Amazon has many to choose from. My husband tosses it in his backpack before he goes to work without worry of forgetting vape stuff at home :)

13/08/2017, 05:38:17 PM

I am totally addicted to coastal butter by liquid efx... I have tried and tried to find one that tastes just like it with out paying $20 for 30mL.... ridik!!! I got my custom from slim and 1000% same and satisfied!!! I cannot begin to say how I have now found my new e juice...I plan on experimenting to find one that tastes like frosted animal cookies.... My custom was: Kentucky Bourbon Almond amaretto Madagascar vanilla Coconut And another Kentucky Bourbon with sweetener.... Omg!!! Slim has one called "castle short" wicth I haven't tried but the recipe is almost the same. Thanks so much slim.... You're the shizzzzzzz

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