How to choose the Best E-juice for You: Part 1 (of 3): Nicotine Levels

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Every aspect of vaping can be as complex--or as simple--as you want it to be.  With the right basic information and some inexpensive vaping gear, you will find yourself quickly on the road to happy vaping! 
When you start to look into what's available in the way of ejuice, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the seemingly endless possibilities.  At Slim's Ejuice alone, the sheer number of delicious flavor combinations boggles the mind.  Although there is no instant formula for finding out what will ultimately work best and be most enjoyable for you--but you can certainly simplify the process by bearing a few things in mind.   
There are really only a few basic variables in ejuice--nicotine level, base fluid ingredients, and flavoring(s)--but they are all important factors to consider when making your choice.  Every aspect of vaping can become as complex--or as simple--as you want it to be.  With the right basic information and some inexpensive vaping gear, you will find yourself quickly on the road to happy vaping! 
Let's start with nicotine level.  If you are not transitioning from tobacco products to vaping, then your easy answer is zero.  If, however, you are someone who likes to imbibe nicotine, then you may need to experiment a little to find a level that suits you.  There is a boatload of information on the web today relating to how a certain volume of ejuice may or may not be equivalent to a certain number of cigarettes.  Unfortunately, much of this is contradictory and confusing.  The truth is, the research is not in yet to give us reliable and precise answers about these equivalencies.   
Still, it is quite possible to make an educated guess toward finding your own comfort level based on your personal history of nicotine use.   If you were recently a heavy smoker, you probably want to start at the higher end of the nic spectrum and vice versa.  If you didn't pick a winner the first time, your body will tell you right away.  
If you feel an uncomfortable burning sensation in your throat, you may be vaping a juice with too much nicotine.  Other signals your body will give you may be slight dizziness, nausea, or headaches.  If you were ever a smoker, you will recognize these as the symptoms of nicotine overload, and you'll know to step it back.  Just use common sense here. 
Although most vendors restrict their mixes to nicotine strengths in variables of "3",  (6mg/mL, 9mg/mL, 12mg/mL, 18mg/mL, and so on.  Sometimes you will see this expressed as a percentage-for example," 3.6 % nicotine by volume"--but the meaning is the same.   Slim's will mix your juice in any strength from 0mg to 36mg nic per milliliter.  The conventional wisdom says that most former smokers will be comfortable somewhere between 12 and 36 mg--with 18mg being the "sweet spot" for many.  
Finally, how much nicotine our bodies absorb also depends on how frequently we vape, at what power, and with what sort of equipment.   Beginners are well advised not to become preoccupied with these variables as it can easily turn into "information overload".  You have the rest of your life to explore the Wild West of Vaping.  Right now, focus on a pleasurable and satisfying transition--and BREATHE!  
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