How Can You Steep Your E-Liquids?

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There are certain foods in the world that taste better when they are slow cooked. One example of that is beef. If you cook beef slowly for more than 7 or 8 hours, you can produce a fantastic piece of brisket that will be enjoyed by all. Another example of how slow cooking can improve the taste of food can be seen in the preparation of chilli. The longer you stir the chilli and keep it on the stove, the more delicious it is going to turn out to be. What is really interesting is that this same slow cooking principle can be applied to e-liquids as well. When it comes to e-liquids, the “slow cooking” is referred to as steeping. Clearly, there are differences between steeping and slow cooking. However, the comparison was drawn to present you with a clearer picture of what steeping is and why people steep e-liquids to begin with. A more appropriate comparison would be that with a fine wine or bourbon. The longer these drinks age, they better they taste. E-liquids are not too different from wine and bourbon. After all, they are considered a food product as they contain food grade flavourings. If you are interested to learn more about this intriguing steeping process, then keep on reading!

The Start of the Steeping Process

The steeping process begins very early. In fact, it starts as soon as the batch is mixed and when the e-liquid product is placed on the shelf of the store. However, the amount of time for which the e-liquid stays on the shelf is too small a duration for it to steep properly. A lengthier period of steeping is required for the e-liquid flavour to undergo any significant changes. You are probably thinking right now, why do I have to steep the juice myself? Why can they not steep it for me and sell the product when it is perfectly ready for consumption? The answer to this question lies in how the propylene glycol and the vegetable glycerine behave. It takes a good amount of time for both the chemical substances to soak up all the flavour molecules. This extra time will augment the flavour of your e-liquid immensely. If you have ever slow cooked chilli before, then you know exactly what we are trying to tell you.

Steeping E-Liquids Requires Patience

Steeping the e-liquid is not something that is suited for the impatient vaper. Only those with considerable patience can have the mettle to sit down and concentrate on steeping their juice. You have to be really passionate about vaping to steep your e-liquid. It is similar to how only the most ardent home cooks are able to slowly cook their meals while others resort to rapid cooking solutions such as using a microwave. When you are steeping an e-liquid, your aim is to squeeze out every last drop of flavour from the mixture. The reason why the word steeping has been introduced to the vaping community is because it was commonly used to refer to soup or tea. In both cases, people try to extract as much flavour as they can from the liquid. Have you ever seen someone throw together a tea quickly and guzzle it down? Have you seen someone try to rush their soup recipe by pouring in too much water and thinning down the soup? If not, then you should understand why steeping an e-liquid takes so much time.

How Can You Steep Your E-Liquid?

There are certain guidelines you need to follow if you want to steep your e-liquid properly. Take your closed e-liquid bottle and place it in a cool, dark place. A tall cigar box would be the ideal location for steeping. Once placed there, keep the e-liquid inside that location for at least a week and a half. During this entire period, you are strongly advised to shake the bottle as often as you can in order to speed up the process. There is another, less common, way of increasing the rate of steeping. The bottles can be allowed to come into contact with warm tap water. Make sure that the e-liquid bottles are tightly closed and that no tap water is able to contaminate the juice. The heat from the water will allow the molecules inside the e-liquid to move and react faster. In an attempt to apply heat, do not expose the e-liquids to a direct heat source such as a fire or a heater.

Breathing E-Liquids

The process of steeping must be followed up by “breathing”. To breathe your e-liquids, you have to take the cap off from the e-liquid bottle and allow them to rest for about 12 hours. Make sure that you put the cap back on before the 12 hour period expires or else the nicotine and the flavour will start to diminish.

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Hank Stapleton:
29/07/2016, 03:17:32 PM

Your steeping article was fm good info. I suggestion though. Go back in and correct your spelling of the word "chili". It is not spelled "chilli". I'm sure it's a spell correct error, those happen to me a lot.

Winston Sallie:
23/09/2016, 12:38:37 AM

What does fm good mean? I'm not familiar with the "fm" adjective. You wrote "I suggestion though". Did you intend to say "1 suggestion.." or "One suggestion..". The structure of your sentence isn't correct. My suggestion is before you call someone out for grammar, spelling, or syntax, make sure your own grasp of word and sentence construction is at least at high school level. By the way, "Chili" or "Chilli", I like 'em both.

Tina Wagner:
19/02/2017, 04:36:26 PM

Superb reply, we'll done!!!

Joe Baker:
23/09/2016, 12:45:13 AM

Good article. It's difficult at best to place an order, receive it, then put it away for 10-14 days. Going back in daily to shake it up provides even more desire to vape a tank. Wonder which absorbs the flavoring quicker and better, VG or PG? I would think one is quicker than the other. It's easier to steep properly if you already have an inventory of steeped juice to use while you wait.

Heidi Caron:
18/02/2018, 10:31:15 PM

I would like more information on the warm tap water method of steeping. For instance, how long do you have to let the hot water run over your juice bottle? Then I would guess you would stop & shake the bottle for a moment or two. Then how many reps of running under the hot water & shaking the bottle are required for appropriate steeping? Thanks for the info!!!

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