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Hey Guys I'm Here Writing Yet Another

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This blog is a collection of articles written by our customers. They wrote these to help other newcomers find the information they might be searching for. The views, opinions, and information contained in this blog do not reflect the views of Slims Ejuice. If you are interested in writing for this blog please send an inquiry in the contact form and we will respond to your request. Enjoy!

Posted by admin 14/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

Hey guys! I'm here righting yet another blog about Slim's and his amazing e juices, first let me start off by telling you about myself. My name is Hunter and I've been vaping for about 6 months now, I started vaping because I found it to be lots of fun, making clouds, comparing mods, tasting new juices and just having a good old time with my buddy's clouding up a room. I vape a 60 watt box mod and use an RDA most of the time, anyways lets get to the point. I gonna review 5 flavors I've come to fall in love with and I'm sure you will too!

I started vaping at Slim's E juice because me and my friends we're fed up paying unfair prices for low quality juices, So I started talking to a couple of guys at my vape shop and they recommended me to Slim's E juice. The prices were low, affordable and high quality. I couldn't believe it. so let's get started

Pink Starburst - Okay when I saw this juice I just had to have it, when I first started vaping this was actually the first flavor I ever tried, I bought 30 ml of it and loved it, it taste exactly like the candy and is just amazing, if you love starburst in any way, you have to try this juice

Bear's Picnic - This juice has to be one of the coolest juices there are, the juice fits the name, It taste like an outdoor picnic, its marshmallows and honey with a sweet creamy flavor lingering on the exhale, an amazing blend honestly, It was sent to me as a sample and I absolutely love it.

Pomegranate - Honestly, when I first bought this I hated it, it tasted like nasty medicine given to me as a kid, I couldn't stand it so I put it in my drawer for about 2 weeks and I ran out of juices, so I said what the hell and gave it another shot, It tasted great, just as I hoped it would when I first got it, if you ever decide to get it, allow it to steep and it will be spot on!

Mahalo - Another great E juice made by Slim's. when I tried this I tasted intense gummy worms and fruit punch, I just absolutely love this juice, the inhale you get gummy's and exhale you get fruit punch   , I let my brother try it and he said it tasted like skittles, everyone's got a different opinion I guess but this is a very good flavor, I'd let this one steep to get an even better flavor

The Reaper -  To be honest I only got this flavor because of the name but God is it good, The inhale is sweet sweet strawberry's and the exhale is blueberries, this is a great blend, a very strong fruity blend that any berries lover will enjoy, this flavor is awesome and the name sounds bad A,

Thanks for reading my review guys and I hopefully you'll try one of these amazing flavors

- Hunter

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