E-Liquids for Spring: 3 Sensational Flavours to Make You Come Alive in March

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There are too many beginner vapers out there who think that they have to wait till their friend’s birthday party or the New Year’s Eve celebrations to bring out the vaping guns and start shooting clouds of vapour into the air. E-cigarettes and e-liquids are not one-time purchases and vaping is certainly not a onetime hobby. The vaping enthusiasts will tell you that vaping is a lifestyle that the vapers have come to embrace for a number of reasons. It is not just about straying from the mainstream or picking up on a trend. Vaping has helped people connect with others inside a community that is dedicated to making people’s lives more enjoyable through a simple electronic cigarette and a bottle of e-liquid.

If you are stressed out in life and are looking for a way to relieve that stress then give e-cigarettes and e-liquids a try. You will be amused by how much of a difference the vaping lifestyle can really make. The best thing about vaping is that you do not have to stay stuck with one flavour all throughout the year. You can experiment with a variety of flavours as the seasons change. Since spring is just around the corner, we thought that you might want to learn about a few springtime e-liquid flavours that will make the months of March, April and May a memorable period in your life.

1) Mint Chocolate Chip

There are various types of chocolate e-liquid flavours out there in the market. In fact, chocolate is one of the top 3 flavour profiles according to some connoisseurs. This is not surprising at all. Chocolate is an irresistible flavour that is used in a myriad of product. The generic chocolate flavoured e-liquids may not excite you much, but the special variants of the chocolate flavour are sure to get your vaping senses tingling. The mint chocolate chip e-liquid flavour helps you to revive your senses after spending your winter months in social slumber and hibernation. As the flowers bloom in spring and the bees start humming, people become inclined to buy products that are going to life their spirits and gear them up for the upcoming heated months of summer. This is exactly what the mint chocolate chip e-liquid flavour will help you achieve. This particular flavour is generally a combination of three flavours. This includes the mint, the chocolate and the vanilla. The interesting thing here is that all the flavours complement one another and help accentuate the richness and the intensity in the others. If you are looking to enjoy a smooth and creamy flavour that will slowly wake you up from the wintery slumber, then this is the perfect flavour for you. We think that this flavour is great for outdoor vaping and is a must have in your bag of vaping goodies when you are out camping.

2) Mojito

The mojito e-liquid flavour is quite common, but what makes it stand out is the number of combinations that you can find in the market. If you are a fan cocktails or mocktails, then you would know that the mojito is a highly versatile flavour. You can use it with just about any kind of fruit that complements it. Some people love the taste of lime and lemon mojito, while others go for the strawberry mojito. Either way, mojito flavoured e-liquids are perfect to recharge your body and help it get accustomed to the rising temperatures in spring. If you are a sucker for minty flavours, then the mojito should be high up in your list of preferred e-liquid flavours.

3) Coconut

Much like the mojito, the coconut is an extremely flexible flavour that can blend in with just about anything. Coconut flavoured e-liquids are all about experiencing a stimulating tropical taste. Flavours containing coconut as the key ingredient come in a variety of strengths and combinations. You can merge coconut with kiwi, pear and dairy flavours for a tantalizing session of vaping that you are never going to forget. If you are the kind of person who likes to head to the beach during spring and enjoy the comfortable sunshine, we suggest you bring your coconut flavoured e-liquid along with you.

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