E-Liquid Products: The Struggle of Picking the Right One

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Choice is both a burden and a boon for the consumer. It is a boon because it expands the range of options for the consumers so that they do not have to select among a handful of products. The wider the product range is, the higher are your chances of finding something that you will like and something that you feel is worth your hard earned money. On the flipside, choice can make life quite difficult for a consumer as it presents them with an endless variety of products. If there are too many different kinds of products to choose from, then your mind will be all over the place and you will struggle to pinpoint the exact products that will suit your requirements. This problem of choice is something that the consumers of e-liquids face every now and then.

The Struggle of Picking the Right Product

The e-liquid market is booming to say the least. E-cigarettes are more popular today than they ever have been. Despite the rigorous and consistent attempts of critics to bring down the vaping community, the popularity of vaping products continues to rise in the market. With more and more manufacturers entering the market, the consumers are being left with a plethora of options to select from when they are out shopping for e-liquid products. Economically speaking, this is a very good thing for the e-liquid industry. However, for the average consumer, this means that there is a lot of evaluating that needs to be done before they can get their hands on the right product for themselves. Bringing home the wrong e-liquid will completely ruin your vaping experience. If you are first time vaper, then you simply can’t afford to pick a mediocre or substandard e-liquid product. A horrible vaping experience in the early going will make you less inclined to be a part of the vaping community.

Varying Preferences among Consumers

You will probably spend more time looking for the perfect e-liquid than you will when searching for an electronic cigarette. This is because there is a lot of more variety on offer in the e-liquid market as compared to the market for e-cigarette hardware devices. Besides, e-cigarette components will not necessarily make or break your vaping experience like an e-liquid product can. The reason why there are so many different kinds of e-liquid products is because the consumers have a wide range of preferences. There are some consumers who prefer having enormous vapour clouds. Other consumers are looking for an intense throat hit. Then again, there are consumers who are more interested in enjoying a wonderful flavour blend as opposed to mustering up big clouds or soaking up nicotine.

Tobacco or Sweet Flavours? You Decide

In order to select the right product, you need to find a way to break down your choice and come up with a number of factors that will eventually influence your purchase. The first thing that you need to do is ask yourself whether you are interested in having an e-liquid with a sweet taste or a more tobacco-like taste. If you are a smoker turned vaper, you will most probably prefer the tobacco taste during the first few days of vaping. After all, it is extremely difficult to let go of something that you have grown so accustomed to over the years. As you gradually become more involved member of the vaping community and start to explore different options in the market, you will be inclined to try out exciting e-liquid flavours that could be sweet or sour, depending on what you like better.


If you are one of those vapers who can’t excited about vaping unless there are big clouds of vapour around you, then you should consider picking e-liquids that contain a higher content of VG or vegetable glycerine. The presence of VG helps to enlarge the vapour clouds and tone down the sweetness of the flavour. As a thumb rule, you should remember that more VG equates to more vapour and less taste. However, if strong flavours are what you are looking for, then go for e-liquids that contain a good amount of propylene glycol or PG. These are better carriers of artificial and organic flavours, and e-liquids that contain more PG than VG will allow you to taste the flavours more easily. On the downside, the size of the vapour clouds will be quite small if you are using such a product. We suggest you look for an e-liquid that has a 70% PG and a 30% VG combination in the mixture.

Finding the perfect e-liquid is not an easy thing to do. It is advisable to buy 6 to 9 different products with varying flavours and varying combinations of PG and VG to have a taste of what’s out there in the market. Once you have tried these products, you can narrow down your list to 2 or 3 products of your choice.

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