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Like many other things you might have started in your life, vaping needs to start somewhere too. Looking at the market today, there are loads and loads of products and it can be quite overwhelming to decide what to choose as a beginner. Many starter kits out there are usually a bit high priced and are uncustomizable. So I put together this article to make things easy for an absolute beginner to choose a simple and effective starter ‘mod’ (electronic cigarette and/or personal vaporizer).


A mod, is usually a container that will hold a source of power (a battery) and a firing switch/button. It is also to the mod that you fix your tank on to. These type of small electronic cigarette batteries are called eGo batteries. Typically, your basic eGo will be a tube (usually around 14mm in diameter) with a small battery inside it (sealed in). Outside, on one end, you will see the connector to which you screw in your juice tank (atomizer). Below this connector, there is a switch, which you will use to fire the coil inside your tank, when mounted.


eGo batteries come with various options and features built into them. The most important to you as a beginner is safety features rather than other vape-enhancing features. Common safety features are: automatic cut off will ensure that the mod will stop sending electricity to the coil after 10 seconds of continuous firing and short protection will ensure the battery won’t fire any coils that are shorting out. Usually, almost all basic eGo batteries have these 2 features.


My recommended eGo battery is the EVOD 900mah. This eGo will have a 900mah capacity battery and would last a regular user about a day and a half on a full charge. It has a nice ring light around its button (button is sunk into the body with a slight lip popping out) to indicate the battery level. The ones I have used, the battery indicator is blue when the battery is full and red when its in need of a charge. It provides a constant voltage of 3.8v to the coil in the tank when the fire button is pressed, and should be able to provide you with a very decent vape. There are no adjustments whatsoever on the battery and that’s why I recommend it to beginners and/or seasoned vapers as a backup.


The next important part is the tank, otherwise known as an atomizer. This is where the magic of turning liquid (e-juice) into vapor happens. In that way, I would consider this to be the most important part of your setup. If you’ve began doing your research, you would know by now that the market is flooded with various tank systems. There are protanks, viv novas, catomizers, clearomizers, RBAs etc etc. Fear not for those tank systems are for later exploration. Right now, lets look at a simple tank, that goes well with the said mod (EVOD 900mah) in terms of aesthetics, performance and maintenance.


My recommended tank is the Kanger EVOD. The EVOD falls into the category of tanks known as clearomizers. Its only a fancy term given to a tank system in which you could see the contents of the tank i.e. juice. It has 3 main sections: The tank barrel/mouth piece, the base and a head assembly containing a coil with wick. The tank barrel/mouth piece contains a window on its sides, so you can see how much juice is left in it, so you will know when to refill. The head assembly (with the coil and wick) screws down to the base and the base is then screwed into the tank/barrel section sealing in the liquid inside it. Once the tank is fully assembled with juice in it, it is screwed onto the connector of your EVOD 900mah battery. I recommend this tank for a few reasons: it’s easy to use, easy to clean, super reliable to work every time and also because its east to rebuild the coil inside the head once it’s used up or when the flavor is not as good when you first started using the tank.


Now, I did say the coil inside the head can be rebuilt once it’s used up. The thing with these coils is that they need to be repaired, after around usually 2-3 weeks of use. While they can be purchased new for a reasonable price, a serious vaper need to know how to repair one of these heads with a new coil. Its super easy to do once you get the hang of it and you can easily learn about the technique and tools via a simple Youtube search.


The last piece of the kit is your charger. Any simple eGo battery charger will be sufficient to charge your EVOD 900mah battery. I recommend an overnight charge after a full day of vaping, so you are good to go on the next day (there is automatic cut off when the battery is full charged). Its good practice to not to wait until your battery is fully drained to re-charge it.


So there it is, your first custom starter vape kit. Basically, it will consist of: EVO 900mah battery, Kanger EVOD and an eGo charger. I also recommend a 5 pack of replacement coil heads along with this kit so that you have spare heads to use when they go bad. This combination on (awesome online e-cig shop out of Hong Kong) should cost you less than $20.00 (shipping inclusive, worldwide). Get some juice of your choice from Slim’s and you are all good to go.


Remember, this is your first step. Keeping it simple and manageable is very important as you are dealing with an entirely new subject. I have been vaping for around 2 years now and I still use this kit as a backup and it is my recommended kit for all my friends who picked up vaping.


I hope I have been able to simplify the idea of choosing a starter kit and hope this article would help you in making a more educated decision about customizing a simple and effective starter kit within a tight budget.


Happy vaping!

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