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Posted by admin 13/01/2016 2 Comment(s)

Hello all! I am an avid vaper and i have been ordering from slims ejuice for a really long time now. After ordering and enjoying many of their excellent mixes, I decided to play around with slims custom build a flavor. Now, some of the flavors that I have had slims brew up for me have been hits and misses, I would like to share with you some of my hits. These are some of my favorite custom build a flavors that I have ordered several times over. And I would like to share these wonderful mixes with you!


But before I can start, you need to understand how their custom build a flavor system works. You have many available options here. The key is to take your time, and do not do anything too crazy. They recommend no more than five flavors or it will taste horrible, and they mean it! I have had a couple of mixes that used six or seven flavors and they were horrible. Flavors clashed, too overwhelming, nasty tasting, I could on. Just keep it simple and under five flavors and you will be fine. Now with all the options the most important ones are add ins and flavors. Those are what I will discuss, everything else is preference. So on to my recipes!


I call this "strawberry bubblegum", 40% strawberry, 60% bubblegum. Simple enough, I know. This one tastes so yummy! Mixed with slims juicy strawberry, and their sweet, delicious bubblegum, this blend will have you reminiscing of strawberry hubba bubba with every puff.


Another strawberry blend that I enjoy is "strawberry cotton candy", 40% strawberry, 60% cotton candy. This one reminds me of the cotton candy that I used to get at the circus when I was a kid. Sweet, fluffy, very flavorful, this blend will keep you wanting for more.


Another fruity flavor that I have discovered was what I like to call "blue razz blow pop", 60% blueberry candy, and 40% raspberry. Talk about an excellent smoke! This one has it right here! One puff and you'll be ordering a big bottle of this one. With slims amazing blueberry candy blend with some raspberry thrown in, and instantly you're wisked away back to the 90's with the blue razz craze! This is a definite try!


Here's one that will blow you away! "Huge red gum" 60% bubblegum, 40% cinnamon candy. Not only is does this taste great just like the gum, this blend will freshen your breath too! I love this flavor, and if you like the cinnamon gum, you will like this one too!


For a nice desert mix I like to go to "cappuccino cheesecake", 40% cheesecake, 60% cappuccino. Now I know this may sound weird at first, but seriously, try it. You will not regret this mix. You get the creamy, smooth cheesecake flavor, mixed with a sweet graham cracker flavor, with a hint of coffee thrown in. This is an amazing desert flavor! I absolutely enjoy vaping this one in my mod.


Now a certain canned tea company has came out with this new strawberry tea, and I enjoy it. But it's so hard to find, so slims came to the rescue! "Strawberry tea" 40% black tea, 60% strawberry. Again slims strawberry flavoring really shines when it's blended with their robust black tea flavor. The sweet, juicy, strawberry creates a beautiful marriage of flavor with the black tea that will keep your taste buds dancing with joy.


Remember those vanilla swirled suckers that life savers used to make? Well ever since they discontinued those I have really missed them, until now. I call this "swirl pops" 60% vanilla swirl, and either 40% strawberry, or 40% blueberry, or 40% cherry, or 40% orange. Mix that blend up and guess what? You have a dead ringer for the old vanilla swirl pops! I'm telling you, these flavors are amazing! Definitely try these!


Well, that's some of my favorite custom build a flavors. I hope you guys try them and enjoy them. I love slims ejuice and all their flavors. I really like the fact that slims gives us the opportunity to create our own. Go out on a limb, be adventurous, be creative! And vape on!

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