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Aries: Go get-em Aries are known for being assertive, energetic, and daring people who are not afraid to take risks. Their pioneering spirit and desire for new experiences probably prompted them start vaping before anyone else even knew what it was. Aries' personality prefers bold, distinctive flavors such as cinnamon, sarsaparilla (root beer), and tobacco.

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Aries: Cinnamon Candy, Goji Berry, Cranberry


Taurus: Taurus sun signs have a taste for the finer things in life, so the more indulgent and rich flavors such as butter pecan and cheesecake appeal to their penchant for lavish and luxurious. Taurus, an earth sign, also enjoys simple, uncomplicated flavors that do not overwhelm their delicate palette. Stubborn, stable, and solid, once Taureans find what they like they tend to stick with it.  

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Taurus: Banana Nut Bread, Double Dutch Chocolate, Dragon's Den


Gemini: Mutable Geminis love variety and change and have an adventurous spirit. An air sign, flavors that are clear, light, and cool are perfect for Geminis. Offbeat, even 'weird' eJuice flavors, like Gingerbread and Crushed Biscuits, that are likely to get people curious about vaping and stimulate interesting conversation are perfect for Geminis. They also enjoy changing flavors often so Gemini is likely to have a wide array of different flavors on hand at all times in addition to their all-day vape. You can never go wrong buying eJuice as a gift for Gemini – just buy them something they have never vaped before – Geminis love trying new things!

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Gemini: Strawberry Koolada Sour, Watermelon, Aquaberry


Cancer: A comfort vaper, Cancers enjoy flavors that make them feel at home. They also prefer classic flavors, like Apple Pie, avoiding newfangled innovations that could be construed as risky or strange. Cancers are known as moody types, so vaping is often a security blanket that enables them to feel comforted and safe, and their flavor predilections reflect this.

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Cancer: Mandarin Orange, Peach & Sweet Cream, Mermaid's Tears


Leo: Leos are the firecrackers of the zodiac, always on the go, looking for a good time. They also like to be the center of attention, and will select flavors that attract interest from others. Strong, heady odors that are unusual and make passersby turn their heads – such as nectarine and toasted almond – are perfect for Leos. Ruled by the sun, Leos like to bask in the limelight and are never shy or demure. Indulging in exotic or offbeat flavor combinations is Leo's specialty.

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Leo: Southern Sun Tea, Sunshine State, Dr. Whom?


Virgo: Reserved Virgos prefer predictable, classic flavors that reflect their perfectionist nature. Virgos are the type of vaper to maintain impeccably clean and well-maintained equipment. An earth sign, fruit and vegetable flavors (preferably organic) – such as blood orange, peach, and strawberry – fulfill their desire for natural flavors. Virgos are also very health conscious, so heavy VG is their preferred juice, and the less coloring the better. Anything artificial immediately turns Virgos off.

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Virgo: Cucumber melon, Blackberry mojito, Berry Patch Honey


Libra: Beauty loving Libras are concerned with how things appear rather than how things actually are. Ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus, Libras love aesthetically pleasing and interesting equipment – always choosing tanks, batteries, and atomizers that are look like works of art. Juices that feature interesting colors are also a favorite, such as Slim's Antifreeze. When it comes to flavor, eJuices that are airy, light, and reserved, like coconut, mint, and watermelon, are perfect for Libra's delicate palette.

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Libra: Clouds of Innocence, Flamingo


Scorpio: The sign of passion and sex, Scorpio is an all-or-nothing vaper who vapes with gusto. Often previously heavy smokers, once a Scorpio goes vape they never go back, and therefore steer clear of tobacco flavors or anything that reminds them of their old habit. A sign of passion and depth, Scorpio enjoys deep, heady flavors that engage all their senses, including spices and

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Scorpio: Corleone, Gremlin


Sagittarius: Sagittarius is one of the most spiritual, philosophical signs of the zodiac. Vaping, as with most other hobbies, is an almost religious experience for them. Sagittarians love to experiment and try new things, so they have an extensive palette, enjoying a wide variety of fruity flavors, from to raspberry to nectarine. Exotically named eJuices that remind them of foreign lands or travel are a favorite as well as brands that are dubbed with far-out names such as Deep Space.

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Sagittarius: Sweet Tarts, Turkish Tobacco


Capricorn: Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, is one of the more responsible signs of the zodiac. Always preparing for the future, the average Cap boasts a well-stocked reserve of eJuices on standby and charged batteries on the ready just in case of a catastrophe. Capricorns like to get the most for their money, so a concentrated eJuice that packs a lot of punch fulfills their penchant for thrift. Earthy flavors, especially fall and winter seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin and herbal flavors, like sage, are popular with Capricorns.

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Capricorn: Very Berry Vanilla, Red Apple, Vanilla Custard


Aquarius: The wild child of the zodiac, Aquarians will try anything at least once. However, their tastes are specific so what they don't like will go straight in the trash. Once they find something they like, they will stick with it – however, they are not resistant to change like the other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio) so they will try different things. They also enjoy distinctive or rare flavors that are hard to find, such as goji berry and starfruit, as another way to assert their individuality or some would say, eccentricity. Aquarius is also the sign of innovation, so they will often be the first one to sport new and unusual equipment and experiment with novel, unique eJuices.

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Aquarius: Rainbow Road, RB Dark


Pisces: A sign of emotional depth, Pisces develop deep feelings for everyone and everything they care about – even their eJuice. They can become attached to a certain battery or tank, as crazy as that may sound, as well as their preferred eJuice. It is hard to get a Pisces to experiment with different flavors; when they find their all day vape they will often stick with it and never try anything new. They prefer a thin consistency to their juice, staying away from syrupy, thick mixtures, and enjoy brand names that are reminiscent of the sea or ocean such as Mermaid's Tears.

Slim's eJuice Flavors for Pisces: Dionysus, Sweet Dreams, The Wizard


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