5 Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Novice Vaper

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If you are new to vaping, welcome to the family! There’s a lot of catching up for you to do. Within the first few days of joining the vaping community, you will realize that life as a vaper is much more enjoyable than you could have ever imagined. Purchasing and using new vaping equipments, e-liquids and accessories are exciting activities that will keep you busy and provide you with the kind of consumer delight that you have not experienced in quite a while. Although fun and games are an important part of being a vaper, you need to realize that there are certain new responsibilities that you need to adopt as the latest member of the vaping community.

The veterans in the world of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids have been fighting and struggling really hard to establish the practice of vaping in the United States and across the world. Their strenuous endeavours are often not rewarded in the manner that they should be. This is because some of the misinformed and slightly irresponsible members of the vaping community tend to undo all the hard work of the die-hard proponents of vaping. These amateur vapers have no idea of how to use an e-cigarette or inhale e-liquid vapour without offending others around them. They are essentially committing the cardinal sins of vaping. By doing that, they are tarnishing the reputation of the vaping community and making it even more difficult for others to accept vaping as the harmless recreational activity and hobby that it is.

Being a newcomer, it could be quite easy for you to make the mistakes that are committed by the rookies mentioned above. These mistakes will not only take away from your vaping experience, but also harm the vaping community at large. So, before it’s too late, learn about these mistakes today and try your best to avoid them under all circumstances:

1) Vaping to Create Massive Clouds

There are some rookies out there who believe that the bigger the vapour cloud is, the cooler they are as vapers. This might be true to some extent, but it is not the kind of approach that you should have in every single scenario. Sure, when you are vaping with your fellow vapers at your place, you could always pull off the big clouds. Under such a circumstance, the big vapour clouds can actually add to the overall vaping experience. However, you might want to keep the vapour clouds relatively small. The vapour clouds become even more problematic when they are produced by e-cigarettes that have been customized with the over-the-top and quite frankly, ridiculous modifications. As the e-cigarette technology advances, it is becoming easier and easier for certain people to go crazy with the customizations and turn their vaping devices into annoying fog machines. Remember, there is a difference between having a big vapour cloud and having a gigantic vapour cloud. It is best to stay within a certain limit.

2) Vaping At the Movies

Once again, there is nothing wrong in vaping and watching your favourite flick as long as you are in the comfort of your own home or that of a fellow vaper buddy. However, when you are at the movie theatre, you cannot disrupt the movie experience of others by obstructing their view with your vapour clouds. People are paying a good amount of their hard-earned money to enter the movie theatre and watch a film in peace. If you are going to ruin that for them, then you are at fault. In fact, such an activity can force people to express contempt towards the entire vaping community.

3) Vaping at Your Kid’s School

Attending parent teacher conferences or PTA meetings can be a very underwhelming experience to say the least. To get rid of the boredom, a lot of vapers pull out the e-cigarette and start vaping inside the school compound. This is a rookie error that should never be committed. Schools have a very strict no smoking policy and even though vaping is technically smoke-free, it still projects a negative image to the school authorities and the children. You can always head outside the school compound to fulfil your vaping needs.

4) Vaping in the Toilet

There are too many people who make the mistake of faking a bathroom breaking just to vape in the toilet. This makes vaping look like a crime. You should not be secretive about your vaping habits. It is not like you will be picked up and sent to jail for vaping. Once again, if you can’t resist pulling out the e-cigarette, simply head outdoors for a good session of vaping.

5) Being a Vaping Evangelist

You are advised to spread the word about vaping and let people know how much of an upgrade it is from smoking. However, do not overdo it. The last thing you want to become is a vaping evangelist who keeps shoving vaping agendas down other people’s throats. 

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