4 Tips for Vaping and Driving

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Whenever you are smoking in front of people, you are likely to receive a ton of judgemental stares and glares. These gestures from others can make you feel really uncomfortable and ruin your smoking experience. A lot of people ditch the cigarettes and switch over to vaping in hope of being received more kindly by the people around them. Unfortunately, that is not often the case. A lot of people still struggle to find the (massive) difference between vaping and smoking. From where they stand, the two activities hardly differ from one another.

This lack of knowledge about e-cigarettes is what makes people feel that it is okay to look at a vaper in the same condescending way as they look at a smoker. Under such circumstances, the best option for a vaper is to find a reclusive corner, away from the eyes of the misinformed snobs, and inhale e-liquid vapour to his or her heart’s content. Can’t find such a spot? Maybe, you are overlooking your car.

Vaping inside the confines of your car can be an absolute delight. Once inside the car, you do not have to worry about people bombarding you with looks of contempt. You do not have to be concerned about people telling you to stop smoking (which you aren’t doing in the first place). Vaping inside the car gives you a momentary relief from the hustle and bustle of life. It frees your mind from distractions and lets you enjoy your e-liquid in a way that you truly deserve to. To make your overall vaping- inside-the-car experience more enjoyable, here are some tips to follow:

1) Be Prepared All the Time

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that vaping and driving is a potential danger. However, filling up your tank or dripping e-liquid when you have your hands on the wheel is not a very safe practice for you to be involved in. In the same way, fumbling around for your charger can turn out to be quite troublesome and dangerous. The last thing you want to do is take your eyes off the road when vaping and driving.

There is a certain amount of risk attached with every activity. The wisest people are those who are always meticulous about minimizing these risks. Whenever you are commuting and vaping, make sure that you come prepared with a fully charged and fully filled device. If the journey is going to be long, then you are advised to bring a back-up batter and a pre-filled cartridge. Be sure to always stop the car on the sideway before you have to make any changes to your e-cigarette or e-liquid.

2) Be An Organized Vaper

People are under the impression that vapers are unorganized, careless and cumbersome individuals who are always too distracted with their own thoughts and fantasies to worry about anything else. This is your chance to let these people know how wrong they are. There is something about being an organized, classy and in control vaper that others find irresistibly charming. If you are going to commute and inhale e-liquid vapour, why not use one of the many stylish and high end starter kits that come with travel cases? Those are an excellent choice as far as visual appeal is concerned. They are also quite handy when you are trying to keep your device safe in transit.

If you want something that provides easier access, then you could always opt for a car organizer. This will keep your e-cigarettes and e-liquids at your fingertips. Nowadays, you can find a lot of good quality foam cup holder organizers for your car. Investing in one of those will reap dividends for a vaper who loves to go on road trips.

3) Keep Your Windows Clean

If you have been vaping with your windows shut inside the car, then you are likely to notice smudge all over the glass. The window film over the window glass can turn out to be a huge problem. It will obstruct your vision and turn into a major safety hazard that could get you into trouble. There is no need for you to manually clean the windows all the time (if you are a little too lazy to do that). You can simply use your car’s defroster to keep the film build up down.

4) Do Not Litter the Streets

Inhaling e-liquid vapour is all being staying classy and setting new trends for smokers. You may have noticed that a lot of smokers have the habit throwing cigarette butts out the windows when driving. Throwing used e-cigarette parts or e-liquid containers out the window will not make you any different from those tobacco consumers. Be an exemplary vaper and dispose all your e-cigarette trash responsibly. Let the people know that there is a difference between vaping and smoking.