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What is Dotmod?

Dotmod Inc, located in the city of San Diego, manufactures and designs high-quality vaping accessories and hardware. Their products represent the vape industry gold standard and are built with high standards. Dotmod prides on quality of products, with each product developed by Dotmod being precisely engineered and finished beautifully for style and performance. The company's purpose and passion go beyond making a profit. Dotmod empowers healthy lifestyles, and some of the gains made by Dotmod is donated to CASAA, helping promote legislation that is fair and ensures the company thrives and survives.

What Products Does Dotmod Develop?

Dotmod manufactures a variety of vape products that include mods, vape pens, Tanks, RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs for consumers worldwide. Here is what they develop:

Mods - i) dotBox Series - a) dotBox 75W - This mod is produced in five colors that include Royal Blue, Gold, Red, Black, and Purple.

        b) dotBox 200W - This mod is designed in four colors that include Gold, Royal Blue, Red, and Black.

    ii) dotBox Dual Mech - This mod is produced in four colors that include Red, Gold, Royal Blue, and Black.

    iii) dotSquonk - This mod is manufactured in four colors that include Gold, Blue, Black, and Red.

Vape Pens - i) dotBling - This Vape Pen is developed in two colors that include Gold and Silver.

    ii) dotMech22/Petri Lite 22mm - This Vape Pen is designed in thirteen colors that include Tiffany Blue, Rust, Slate, Lavender, Aqua, Purple, Rose Gold, Space Grey, Lime Green, Gold, Royal Blue, Red, and Black.

    iii) dotMech24/Petri Lite 24mm - This Vape Pen is produced in six colors that include Purple, Tiffany Blue, Gold, Royal Blue, Red, and Black.

    iv) Petri Mod V2 - This Vape Pen is manufactured in Copper.

Tanks - i) dotTank - This tank is developed in Gold.

RDAs - i) dotRDA22/Petri V2 22mm - This RDA is developed in eleven colors that include Lavender, Rust, Slate, Aqua, Lime Green, Purple, Space Grey, Rose Gold, Royal Blue, Red, and Black.

    ii) dotRDA24 - This RDA is designed in six colors that include Purple, Royal Blue, Red, Purple, Gold, and Black.

RTAs - i) dotRTA - This 22mm RTA is produced in Gold.

RDTA - i) dotRDTA - This RDTA is manufactured in Gold.

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