Von Erl

What is Von Erl?

Von Erl began as an Austrian medical technology innovations department and now develops products for the e-cig industry. The company has over 50 years of experience in precision craftsmanship, the expertise of skilled specialists, and enthusiasm to create new technology. Their company started with an idea of taking the vaping industry to another level. Von Erl's innovative production delights consumers worldwide with ingenuity and quality products. The Von Erl team are techies, passionate vapers, and are creative in their work. They continue to strive on providing consumers with an excellent vaping experience.

Products Developed by Von Erl

Von Erl manufactures four products for the vape industry. Here are short descriptions of each:

S1 - The first is the Von Erl S1. This electronic cigarette has a long-lasting battery with a 2ml tank capacity. It also has Airflow Control that gives consumers tensile strength regulation.

Erlthron - This electronic cigarette is developed in various sizes and is made of POM and stainless steel.

Erlkoenigin - This is an atomizer developed by Von Erl and has a 6ml e-liquid capacity.

Buddy - The Von Erl Buddy is a box mod with high-performance and has changeable skins and customizable settings.

There are no products to list.