What is Volcano?

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes, or Volcano for short, is located in Hawaii and was established in 2009 by Jos Burnett and Cory Smith. The company retails and manufactures e-cigs and other vaping accessories. Volcano has expanded their operations worldwide to keep up with the vape industry. Their primary goal is to bring leading products to the industry. There are multiple retail locations throughout the U.S., Southeast Asia, and the U.K. Volcano also has an excellent reputation among consumers.

Volcano Products

Volcano manufactures tanks and mods for the vape industry. Here is a list of products the company develops:

Mods - i) Lavatube V2.5 - This mod from Volcano is designed in ten colors that include Red, Silver, Chrome, Gunmetal Gray, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, and Gold.

    ii) Inferno - This mod from Volcano is developed in four colors that include Rainbow, White, Black, and Red.

    iii) M DNA 75 - This mod from Volcano is designed in the color Red.

Volcano also develops a Sub Ohm Tank called the Tube Tank Pro.

There are no products to list.