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Vision Spinner 2 1600mah Variable Voltage 510 / Ego Battery

Vision Spinner 2

Product Introduction:
    Introducing the all New Vision Spinner II ! Theres been a ton of improvements made from the previous generation of vision spinner and vision has combined all the greatest features of the first Gen Spinner variable voltage batteries while at the same time creating an all new cutting edge improved Spinner II 1600mah variable voltage battery.

   The new vision spinner 2 is by far one of the if not the highest quality & most advanced variable voltage battery on the market available today! Vaporize at your desired voltage with nothing more than a twist of the bottom dial! Higher voltage + multiple coils = more vapor!! The new Vision Spinner 1600mah capacity battery makes for one of the most compact and  portable variable voltage options available today, allowing you hours of vape time on a single charge.  No matter if your prefered vaping products are E-juices , Herbs , waxes , or oils the Vision spinner is one of the best battery solutions on the market pairing excellent with the Aerotank , Protank , Cloutank m3 , Pluto B1 and many other top attachments you simply cant go wrong with the vision spinner 2 if your thinking of puting together your own vaping setup or simply would like to replace your exsisiting battery unit with a upgraded option.

   The Spinner has an easy to read numbered dial located at the bottom of the battery with four marks that when turned are clicked into place to indicate approximate output voltages at 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8 volts but the Vision Spinner 2 is also adjustable throughout the entire voltage range as well. Simply turn the dial to desired vaping voltage and thats it! The Vision spinner 2 is 510 threaded which is the industry standard for batteries and attachments which means it only requires a standard 510 USB charger of 420 mah output and a wall adapter of 500mah or 0.5A wall charger and also that you wont have any trouble using todays hottest attachments and atomizer tanks to build your perfect setup!  If your looking for the latest and greatest Variable voltage solution for your E-juice , Herbal , Wax , Oils & more than look no further than The vision Spinner 2 , the Future of vaping has arrived!

   -Original On-Off feature via 5-click setting that allows you to turn the battery off/on for storage
   -Variable voltage output - voltage can be adjusted from 3.3V~4.8V
   -Short circuit protection - the battery will shut down in case of a short circuit
   -Switch protection - protect the battery from accidental battery drain
   -Atomizer protection - 8 second Safety Cut-Off Feature to stop the atomizer from activating for too long
   -Low voltage protection - Automatically turns off when the battery is depleted less than 3.3V
   -Upgraded and stable PCB control head
   -Longer life span for the new upgraded PCB and battery cell
   -Upgraded button with battery charge indicator: White light ~ 60%-100%, Blue light ~ 30%-60%, Orange light ~ 0-30%
   -Backwards compatible with all eGo-T and eGo products including the eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C USB chargers

Package Contents:
-1 x Vision eGo Spinner 2 1650mAh Variable Voltage Battery
Technical Specs:
-Thread: 510 | eGo
-Voltage Output: 3.3-4.8V
-Capacity: 1600mAh
-Battery life: ~300 Charging cycle
-Charging time: ~10 hours
-Diameter: 17mm
-Weight: 62g

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  • Brand: Vision
  • Product Code: Vision--002
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