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What is VISION?

VISION electronic cigarette, or VISION for short, was established in 2007. The company has surprised the e-cig industry and its consumers multiple times over the years. VISION has ceased to stop their pace on innovation, advancement, and creating history. The company persists to the principle of making consumers happy by striving to develop exceptional products.

Product History of VISION

In 2010, VISION developed the Ego Clearomizer which changed out the normal Cartomizer to the Clearomizer. The Clearomizer is leak proof and convenient. In 2011, the company created the VIVI NOVA, which pushed e-cigs to a newer milestone by having more economical and practical features. In 2012, the VISION SPINNER let more e-cig enthusiasts enjoy different and quality e-cig voltage fluctuations. In 2014, the VISION SPINNER II was created and encouraged e-cig users to have more fascination for beauty.

VISION Manufacturing Process

First, VISION collects product ideas from e-cig consumers. Next, the best Italian brand design company improves the appearance of the product accordingly. Then the top e-cig industry structure engineers audit the product feasibility, making sure the solutions are accurate. After that step, the e-cig engineers perfect all the details of the e-cig structure. Then the stage of product shaping takes place. After shaping, the top international professional mechanics create prototypes. VISION controls the technology core of every product. Then the raw material quality is audited. After the auditing, the core parts of the product is developed. Lastly, the appropriate factory partner is selected for mass production.

What Products Does VISION Produce?

VISION has two main series of products, the Vapros Series and the Vision Series. Here are the separate lists of what each series offers:

Vapros Series - i) Mods - The Wave, the DIY 80, the Nano 40W, the iBox 50, and the iBox 70.

    ii) Batteries - The Nunchaku V1 and the Nunchaku V2.

    iii) Atomizers/Tanks - The Kinta Tank.

    iv) Kits - The Mr. Mini Kit, the Nunchaku Kit, and the Xcig Kit.

Vision Series - i) Mods - The iBox and the DEUS.

    ii) Batteries - The Spinner, the Spinner Plus, the Spinner Mini, the Spinner I, the Spinner II, and the iNow.

    iii) Atomizers/Tanks - The Zero Tank, the MK Sub-ohm, and the V-Spot Tank.

    iv) Kits - The Mini Spinner II Kit.

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Vision Spinner 2 1600mah Variable Voltage 510 / Ego Battery

Vision Spinner 2Product Introduction:    Introducing the all New Vision Spinner II ! Theres been a ton of improvements made from the previous generation of vision spinner and vision has combined all the greatest features of the first Gen Spinner variable voltage batteries while at the same time creating an all new cutting edge improved Spinner II 1600mah variable voltage battery.   The new vision spinner 2 is by far one of the if not the highest quality ..