What is Vapeccino?

Vapeccino was established in 2016 when the founders decided to make not just a great product, but a better product that gives a better way to vape and offers a different lifestyle. The company wants to work with consumers to create something awesome. Vapeccino believes genuine innovation is about renewing, designing, and changing products to be more active and create a simpler life. One of Vapeccino's core values is its commitment to work with their fans to create and give the best vaping products possible with consumer feedback. The company's philosophy is concentration and progressive, which conveys what principles Vapeccino focuses on. They develop middle and high-class e-cigs from vertical ecosystems of intelligent hardware. Vapeccino's core competence is R&D services that are demand-oriented, integrated manufacturing, and consumer insights. Through the integration of science and humanism, the company creates excellent vape experiences for all consumers and do their best to capture and impress younger hearts with superior user experience, minimalist design, quality service, product development that is customer centered, and taste that is outstanding.

Products from Vapeccino

Vapeccino is known for two vaporizers on the market today. Here are some characteristics on both:

Mate1 - The Mate1 from Vapeccino has a Core Tech that is Golden for purer taste and light technology for rousing the original flavor. It is also has a metal texture but is lightweight and has a longer vape time with its massive battery. The eight protections the Mate1 has included over voltage, under voltage, overload, automatic shutdown from poor operation, zero watts charging protection, ultra-high temp discharging and charging, short circuit, and over-time protection after 8 seconds.

V3 - The V3 Mod from Vapeccino has an accurate algorithm with a chip that is self-developed, exceptional steadiness using a graphene cooling system that has a cooling network that is nano hexagon, an automatic wake-up to get bigger vapor fast, and a full view minimalist design display. The V3 also has tenfold protection for over-heating, over-current, low-resistance, equalizing charging, auto wattage, auto ohm, charging, short circuit, over-time, and under-voltage.

The V3 Tank is capable of supporting double coils, quadruple coils, sextuple coils, and octuple coils. The dual coil, called BiCT2, is 0.4Ohms and 40W-70W. The quadruple coil, called BiCT4, is 0.25Ohms and 40W-70W. The sextuple coil, called BiCT6, is 0.2Ohms and 40W-130W. The octuple coil, called BiCT8, is 0.15Ohms and 50W-120W.

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