What is VapeAMP?

Vaping American Made Products, or VapeAMP, was founded in 2014 by a group of people that met in Orange County, California. The meeting was to talk about their desire to develop a high-quality mechanical mod that hit harder than any other product on the market. The VapeAMP founders thought the vape market did not have any products that possessed true passion and that all were used with low-quality materials. During that same day, the blueprints of the Roughneck Atomizer and Rig Mod were created.

In 2015, Rig Mod V2 was developed. This mod by VapeAMP exceeded the hype and expectations around it. This new version of the mod had a more sleek design and was more compact, but also hit harder than the original. The Rig Mod V2 became the number one mod consumers wanted for Trick Competitions and Cloud Competitions. The mod placed first in 2016 at the Vape Capitol Biggest Cloud Competition, giving the mod an even better reputation.

VapeAMP's Rig Mod has received international notoriety for both versions by winning numerous awards for best mod including Vapouround Magazine in 2016. The company then created a mod that hits harder than any other mod known called Rig Pig. This product is a box mod that was developed using the same principles of previous products. The founders of VapeAMP still work for the company and through high-quality materials, excellent design and top-notch manufacturing, they have become an international sensation.

VapeAMP Products

VapeAMP develops a variety of products for the vape industry. Here is a list of what they currently have on the market:

Mods - i) The Descendant - This mod by VapeAMP is developed in multiple designs that include Diamondback Snake, Black, Joker Dragon Scale, and Phoenix Dragon Scale.

    ii) Rig Mod V3 - This mod by VapeAMP is developed in multiple designs that include Electro-Shock Cotton Candy, Red and Grey Dragon Scale, Black, and Green Dragon Scale.

RDA - The product VapeAMP develops in this category includes the Model 41 RDA, which can come in Stainless Steel or Red.

Sub-Ohm Tank - The product VapeAMP manufactures in this category includes The Tanker, which is developed in the colors Black, Gunmetal Grey, Rainbow, and Stainless Steel.

There are no products to list.