Vamo V5 Variable Voltage APV Mod Set

Vamo V5 Variable Voltage APV Mod Set

Product Introduction:

        Introducing the all new Vamo V5 Apv variable voltage mod vaporizer,  the latest in the Vamo line of Apv's the V5 is is most cutting edge Apv mod available to date sporting a ton of new advancements and features. While the V5 may appear to have some similar characteristics of its previous Vamo incarnations the Vamo V5 has successfully taken all the previous innovations of its predecessors and melded them with the latest onboard Chipset and Oled technology making for one awsome Apv! The V5 is constructed with the famous V2 battery body, while implimenting the V3 Oled Hud screen display with an all new upgraded Pcb chipset and as well as a brand new top ring design which allows for a much wider range of attachments.  The Vamo v5 is also an Variable voltage + Variable Wattage Apv meaning it has the ability to increase wattage instead of the voltage allowing the V5 to adjust to the resistance setting of your atomizer. This is a huge advancement resulting in much better use with lower ohm resistance atomizers and helping reduce any burning of e-juice or coils while still maintaining an extra boost of vapor production.  In variable voltage mode, the device can go from 3v to 6v in .1v increments while In variable wattage mode the device can range from 3.0w to 15w in .5w increments.  The Vamo V5 also now has the added ability to measure and display the resistance of your atomizer, cartomizer, or tank attachment by broadcasting the information via hud display on the Oled screen. The Vamo v5 takes a single 18650 size battery or it can also be used in its smaller setting with a 18350 as well by removing the bottom extension tube.
Navigating the menu
Pressing the (+) button for more than 3 seconds will display the present working resistance of your tank coils.
Pressing the (-) button for more than 3 seconds will display the present remaining battery volts.
Press the (+) and (–) buttons for a few seconds. The (+) button cycles through the main menu options. The (–) button cycles through sub-menu items.

Main functions

1. Power / Voltage Output - Allowing you choose what type of output you want.
2. LCD Display - Allowing you choose what you want to display on the LCD screen while the fire button is pressed. You can choose from Resistance, Battery, and Power
3. LCD On/Off - Turns the LCD Screen On or Off.

Safety Features-
    A 10 second automatic shut off function to protect your atomizer and coils.  The "Low V" warning will appear when your batteries need recharging. Short circuit protection.  Atomizers at 1.2ohm or less Displays "Low resistance" Indicating that you need to use a new atomizer at a higher resistance.  Incorrect battery installation protection.
Full Set Contents Include-
1x Vamo V5 Mod Vaporizer
1x Battery charger
2x 18350 900 mAh Batteries
2x Ce4 Atomizers
1x Manual
1x Gift Box

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