VO Tech

What is VO Tech?

VO Tech is a vaping manufacturer that develops products for the industry. Here is a list of items they produce:

Dagger Box Mod - This Box Mod from VO Tech is designed in five primary colors that include Gold, Red, White, Black, and Silver. There is also a Limited Edition Christmas color.

Mamba - This Mod from VO Tech is made from forged aluminum, and carbon fiber is wrapped around it for a sleek look.

VIA200 - This Mod from VO Tech is developed in two colors that include Black or White.

VO Zeal - The VO Tech Zeal is a pod-based vaporizer. The flavors the pods are produced in are Tobacco, Massive Mint, Fruit-ion, and Morning Capp.

VO-M Tank. This tank from VO Tech is designed so consumers can produce large clouds.

There are no products to list.