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What is VGOD and What Products do They Manufacture?

VGOD is a vape industry company that develops Mods, RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs. Here is a list of their two product lines:

Elite Series - In this series, VGOD has developed a Box Mod, a Mechanical Mod, an RDA, and an RDTA. The Box Mod the company manufactures is called the Elite 200 Steel. The Mech Mod they develop is called the Elite Mech. Their Elite Atomizers come as an RDA or an RDTA.

Pro Series - In VGOD's Pro line, they develop two Mech Mods, one Box Mod, an RDA, and RDTA, and one Tank. The two Mechanical Mods developed in this series include the Pro-Mech and the Pro-Mech 2. The Box Mod developed in the Pro line consists of the Pro 150. In the Tank category, the RDA is called the Pro Drip, the RDTA is called the Pro R2, and the Tank is called the Tricktank.

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