What is Usonicig?

Shenzhen Xiangyuan Technology Co., Ltd operates and manages the Usonicig brand. The company was established in 2014. This professional company engages in the research and development of electronic cigarettes and low temp cigarette technology. Usonicig's mission is innovation and aims to create superior products that give an excellent vaping experience to consumers. Over the years of developing, the company has progressed successfully in their researching and designing, product designing, supplier control, manufacturing management, marketing development, and many other aspects. Usonicig has made a significant breakthrough in the ultrasonic vaping field and has applied it to the next generation of e-cig products. The company surpasses technology limits of vaping and motivates themselves to create better ways to benefit consumers.

What is Ultrasonic Vaping

The process of changing e-liquid to vapor with high-frequency vibrations at 2.4 million hits per second is called Ultrasonic Vaping Technology. This process leaves the consumer with the original taste while keeping harmful substances that are produced by burning or heating away.

Usonicig Product

The mod Usonicg develops is called the Rhythm. The fire button combines a mechanical principle with a music element to bring the consumer both a tactile and visual enjoyment. The running ring lights build on an advanced protection and indication function to let consumers know what situation their device is. The tank has a small type body but will subvert the user's recognition over and over. This mod is developed in three colors that include Black, Silver, and Red.

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