Twelve Vapors

What is Twelve Vapor?

Twelve Vapor was established in 2015, and they develop personal, innovative products that are about precision and simplicity. The company created the Juno, which has perfect heat balance, vapor production, and airflow. These attributes are combined with Juno Pods, which are specially formulated. These Pods are some of the top nicotine delivery products on the vape market. The Juno Pods are manufactured in twelve flavors which are all named after the Astrological Signs:

Aries Pod- This flavor is Pretzel Graham.

Taurus Pod- This flavor is Blue Raspberry.

Gemini Pod - This flavor is Strawberry Kiwi.

Cancer Pod - This flavor is Cucumber Freeze.

Leo Pod - This flavor is Cinnamon Menthol.

Virgo Pod - This flavor is Mint Berry.

Libra Pod- This flavor is Mango.

Scorpio Pod - This flavor is Banana.

Sagittarius Pod - This flavor is Grape Apple.

Capricorn Pod - This flavor is Strawberry Ice.

Aquarius Pod - This flavor is Key Lime Pie.

Pisces Pod - This flavor is Strawberry Watermelon.

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