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Trustfire TR-001 Dual Charger

Trustfire TR-001 Dual Charger

Product Introduction:

Dual battery Trustfire charger for 18650 18500 18350 17670 16340 battery units , Charger can also charge various other cylinder lithium ion batteries such as 10430,10440,14500,16340,17670,18500 and others with internal pcb. Make sure batteries are over 2.7v before charging as the Tr-001 will not charge batteries under 2.7v.



Brand : TrustFire
Model : TR-001
Patent Number : ZL201130512297.7
Input1: 100-240V~ 50-60Hz
Input2: 12V 500mA
Output: 4.2V 500mA

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  • Brand: Trustfire
  • Product Code: Trustfire--011
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