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What is TrustFire?

Shenzhen TrustFire Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2004 and specializes in research and development, marketing, brand operation, and production of high-quality lighting. The company has proven that excellent products don't have to cost a lot of money. TrustFire focuses on providing cutting-edge products along with reasonable prices. Every TrustFire model is built with high-quality materials, durability, and are easy to use. Here is a list of their batteries and chargers the company manufactures:

Batteries - i) TF10440 - This battery is 600mAh and 3.7V.

    ii) TF14500 - This battery is 900mAh and 3.7V.

    iii) TF14650 - This battery is 1600mAh and 3.7V.

    iv) TF 16340 - This battery is 880mAh and 3.7V.

    v) TF 18350 - This battery is 1200mAh and 3.7V.

    vi) TF18500 - This battery is 1800mAh and 3.7V

    vii) TF18650 - This battery is developed in 2400mAh, 3000mAh, and 3400mAh, with all being 3.7V.

    viii) NCR18650B - This battery is 3400mAh and 3.7V.

    ix) TF25500 - This battery is 4000mAh and 3.7V.

    x) TF26650 - This battery is 5000mAh and 3.7V.

    xi) TF32650 - This battery is 6000mAh and 3.7V.

    xii) CR123A - This battery is 1300mAh and 3.0V.

    xiii) Lithium CR123A - This battery is 1000,Ah and 3.0V.

    xiv) AA Ni-MH - This battery is 2500mAh and 1.2V.

    xv) AAA Ni-MH - This battery is 900mAh and 1.2V.

Chargers - i) One Battery - These are single battery chargers. The models include the TR-002 Charger, the TR-005 Multifunctional Charger, and the Intelligent Rapid TR-007 Multifunctional Charger.

    ii) Two Batteries - These models are dual battery chargers. The models include the TR-001 Multi-Charger, the TR-006 Multi-Charger, the TR-011 Multi Ni-MH and Li-ion Charger, the TR-015 Micro USB Double Li-ion Charger, the TR-016 Micro USB Multi Li-ion Charger, the TR-017 Multi-Charger, the TR-019 Li-ion Fast Charger, the Double Bivolt CR123A Wall Charger, the Double Bivolt 16340 Charger, and the Double Bivolt 18650 Wall Charger.

    iii) Three Batteries - The TR-008 Multifunctional Charger.

    iv) Four Batteries - These models charge four batteries. They include the TR-003 Li-ion Multi-Charger and the TR-009 Ni-MH and Li-ion Multifunctional Charger.

    v) Six Batteries - The TR-012 Ni-MH and Li-ion Multifunctional Charger.

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