What is Syntheticloud?

Syntheticloud Tech, LLC is a US-based vape industry company that is located in San Diego, California. The company's goal is helping consumers replace their addiction to regular cigarettes with the hobbyism of vaping. Syntheticloud vision to accomplish this goal is to provide high-end products with the emphasis on aesthetics, ergonomics, innovation, and performance.

The Science and Physics Behind Syntheticloud

Syntheticloud was founded by some electrical and mechanical engineers that share a passion for the vaping community. The group wanted to offer innovative and practical products. The products Syntheticloud have manufactured are a result of six months of researching and developing, many prototypes, and a lot of revisions. Their goal was to create products that not only the consumers would use, but what they would use themselves.

Vertical Airflow

Every atomizer developed by Syntheticloud features their trademark Vertical Airflow System, which is exceptionally superior to the current airflow dynamics other companies use. Their system works by directing the airflow directly above and around the coils. It then clears out all the vapor that is produced inside the chamber. The process creates a denser, fresher, and better-tasting vapor and simultaneously prevents dormant condensation from being collected at the bottom. Syntheticloud wanted to satisfy the entire vape community so they implemented an airflow control that can be configured on every product. This configuration allows the consumer to adjust the airflow to what they prefer by enabling them to choose the number of channels that will adapt their product's airflow. For competitions, consumers need to adjust to the maximum airflow and for flavor, adjust to the minimum airflow.

Syntheticoud's Anti-Flood Cover

Ever since the founders started to vape, the flooding on atomizers has been the essential reason that deterred them from using the rebuildable atomizers. It was the thought of their juices being wasted and the liquid being spilled on their furniture and clothes that made them cringe. It was generally messy. They believed the horizontal airflow designs of the current atomizers were about to become out-of-date. This old design motivated them to manufacture products that elevated the vape industry to a better status quo. Since the company's atomizers have its airflow come from the top, the consumer doesn't have to be concerned about their atomizer spilling out when placed horizontally or leaking into their pockets.

Syntheticloud Performance Engineering

The company spares no cost or effort to produce the best products possible. They are committed to creating high-quality products with excellent material. Syntheticloud spends months trying to develop a product. They calibrate all aspects of the manufacturing process to make sure when the product is assembled, and all the pieces are combined to form a device that performs at a high rate. The company also implemented PEEK materials, or Polyether ether ketone, into their designs. PEEK is a thermoplastic polymer that is often used for vacuum applications and medical implants. 662 degrees Fahrenheit is PEEK's melting point and makes it great for handling energy that is produced from the vapor and heated coils.

Products Developed by Syntheticloud

The company designs different types of atomizer and tank hardware. Here is a list of their products:

RDA - The Stainless Steel Aeolus 2-Pro, the Black Titanium Aeolus 2-Pro, and the Aeolus Lite.

Tanks - The Flux Tank.

There are no products to list.