What is Stentorian?

Stentorian Vape is a company that develops products for the vape industry. The word "Stentorian" means strong, powerful, and loud, an excellent description of this brand. Stentorian provides fresh and innovative products that bring vape consumers the strong vape they crave. The products from the company are high-quality and have excellent performance.

Stentorian Vape Products

Stentorian produces Mods for the vape industry. Here is a list of what the company develops:

Basilisk Mod - This Mod from Stentorian comes in one of five colors. These include Black and Red, Purple and Yellow, Yellow and Green, Pink and Blue, or Red and Blue.

Ram BF - This Mod from Stentorian comes in one of five colors. The Padauk color has a waterproof coating, and the Resin Colors have a Matte layer that prevents fingerprints being left on the paint.

AT-7 Mod - This Mod from Stentorian drew inspiration form the Water-Cooled Chassis from Egames. There are four colors the AT-7 mod comes in. These include Gun Metal, Red Plated, White Plated, and Black Plated.

There are no products to list.