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Steam Crave

What is Steam Crave?

Steam Crave is an EU and US brand that has an excellent variety of vape products that are manufactured and designed in China. The company has evolved from their former e-cig product manufacturer called Beautiful Industry Group Co., Ltd. Beautiful Industry previously had over four years of experience in designing vaporizers before changing into their current company Steam Crave. Their various atomizers, called Aromamizers, have brought innovation to the vaping market, which reflects on the companies design-led and innovative nature. Beneficial designs on liquid feed and cyclonic airflow are examples of Steam Crave's industry-leading, innovative designs that bring substantial benefits to vaping. Flavorful, smooth airflow that has no hard hits from inhaling are critical features of their Aromamizers, either RDA or RDTA. Their primary tank now is a leader in the vaping industry and is often duplicated but is never defeated regarding excellent vapor production and incredible flavor.

Steam Crave's Designer

BJ Shi, Steam Crave's designer, has mechanical engineering training and has worked in a variety of mechanical design fields before he became interested in the vaping industry. BJ was hospitalized in 2014 for chronic nephritis. This inspired him to develop ideas for the cyclonic airflow. Six months into development, the Aromamizer was developed, the first of his products. Steam Crave has since laid on his innovations, with BJ currently having 20 patents in the atomizer and mod design. Shi is a vegetarian due to health and loves cooking for his family and friends. His character is persistent and has an engineering excellence passion. He now lives the dream developing innovative and revolutionary vaping hardware that brings excitement and health benefits to vape consumers worldwide.

Steam Crave Products

Steam Crave manufactures a Squonker mod, RDAs, and RDTAs for the vape community. Here is the list of products they develop:

RDA - The Glass Aromamizer RDA, the Hexagonal Aromamizer RDA, the Round Aromamizer RDA, and the Aromamizer V-RDA.

RDTA - The 3ml Aromamizer RDTA, the 6ml Aromamizer RDTA, the 3ml Aromamizer V2 RDTA, the 6ml Aromamizer V2 RDTA, the 4ml Aromamizer Supreme, the 7ml Aromamizer Supreme, the Aromamizer Supreme V2, the Supreme Lite, the Aromamizer Plus, and the 41 mm Aromamizer Titan.

The company also manufactures their own Squonk Mod called the Steam Crave.

There are no products to list.