What is Smoant?

Smoant is a high-tech manufacturer that specializes in researching, developing, marketing, and producing Vaporizers and sub-ohm tanks. The company's goal is trying to satisfy all varieties of vaping consumers which includes flavor chasers, cloud chasers, mod wompers, and tootle puffers by focusing on quality and innovation. Before products Smoant develops hit the market, they accurately consider any improvement that can be made.

What Products Does Smoant Develop?

Smoant manufactures tanks and vaporizers for the vape community. Here is a list of products they develop:

RDA - The Battlestar RDA.

RTA - The Battlestar RTA.

RDTA - The Battlestar RDTA.

Vaporizers - The Charon TS 218, the Charon 218 TC, the Charon Mini, the Ranker, the Cylon, the Battlestar, the Battlestar Mini, and the Rabox Mini.

There are no products to list.