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What is Sigelei?

GD Sigelei Electronic Tech CO., Ltd, or Sigelei for short, is a comprehensive and sustainable enterprise that combines production, R&D, service, and sales of e-cigs into one. The company has a stable distribution channel and management system. Sigelei has a global and integrated service net for e-cig products, and they keep on innovating. China is the largest electronic cigarette exporter in the world, and after many years of preparation, Sigelei developed into a worldwide brand. The company has international recognition of their products the Compak, Vcigo, and Fuchai and are vastly liked by numerous consumers. Sigelei has become a trusted brand domestically and overseas from their excellent quality and excellent reputation. Their products have spread through countries like the UK, Russia, USA, etc.

Sigelei Research and Development

The company has advanced international laboratory and testing equipment along with an experienced R&D team. Having the excellent developing ability and patent technology, new products that are manufactured by Sigelei are widely praised by consumers in the vape market. The company has more core patents than any other electronic cigarette company, boasting over 90 patents. Sigelei continues to release innovate products using their advanced technology and professional skills. Every product combines perfect material and superb craftsmanship, leading to the development of temperature control e-cigs, high wattage e-cigs, mechanical e-cigs, atomizers, and many other accessories. Sigelei wins customers' trust with excellent quality.

Sigelei Marketing Development

As one of the e-cig industry leaders, Sigelei stays in touch with current trends and meets consumer needs in the vape market by promoting their brand. The company also supports diversified platforms by expanding retail stores. Through Sigelei's development history, the company continues to improve their internal management and pays close attention to their outside services. With hard work, the company passed the ISO9001 along with international management and quality certificates such as FCC, ROHS, CE, etc.

The Future of Sigelei

The company will continue focusing on developing high-quality, fashionable products for consumers around the world with great responsibility. Sigelei will build their brand image using professional, quality management and continue to create innovative products.

Sigelei Products

Sigelei has an extensive range of products they manufacture. Here is a list of their Mods, Tanks, and Kits:

Mods - i) Sigelei Series - The Sigelei MT, the Sigelei E1, the Sigelei GW, the Sigelei Top1, the Sigelei Classic 90W, the Sigelei Evaya 66W, the Sigelei J80, the Sigelei Swallowtail 75A, the Sigelei Spark 90W, the Sigelei 55W UFO TC, the Sigelei T150, the Sigelei Leather&Zinc Alloy 213W, and the Sigelei Carbonfiber&Zinc Alloy 213W.

    ii) Fuchai Series - The Fuchai E7, the Fuchai 213 Squonk, the Fuchai Duo-3 (Two Battery or Three Battery), the Fuchai MT-V, the Fuchai Glo, and the Fuchai 213 (Regular, Mini, or Plus versions).

    iii) Kaos Series - The Kaos Spectrum 214 and the Kaos Z.

    iv) Vcigo Series - The Vcigo K3.

Tanks - i) Sigelei Series - The Sigelei Ares, the Sigelei Meteor, the Sigelei S-31, the Sigelei Slyder M, the Sigelei Up, the Sigelei X, and the Sigelei O9.

    ii) Other Series - The Compak F1.

    iii) Atomizers - The Compak A1.

    iv) Cartridges - The Fuchai V3.

Kits - i) Sigelei Series - The Sigelei E1, the Sigelei MT, the Segelei Top1 (P9 or RDA version), the Sigelei GW, and the Sigelei Leather&Zinc Alloy 213W.

    ii) Fuchai Series - The Fuchai R7, the Fuchai 213 Squonk, the Fuchai Wildfox, the Fuchai MT-V, the Fuchai V3, the Fucahi Glo, the Fuchai Glo-T3, and the Fuchai 213 Plus.

    iii) Vcigo Series - The Vcigo K3, the Vcigo K2, the Vcigo K2-T, the Vcigo Moon, and the Vcigo A7.

    iv) Compak Series - The Compak F1, the Compak Al, and the Compak OB ONE.

    v) Kaos Series - The Kaos Spectrum 214.

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