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What is Sense?

Sense Technology Co., Ltd, or Sense for short, is an e-cig manufacturing company that specializes in sales, services, and R&D. The company is located in the city of Shenzhen. Sense has developed trust and an excellent reputation from customers worldwide with its professional team, scientific management, and after-sale services. Most of the Sense crew has five or more years experience in the e-cig industry. They are always capable of meeting consumer needs with their excellent network platform, current information processing, and comfortable environment for workers. The goal is always to provide customers with excellent service. Sense pursues supply chain optimization and establishes stable and long-term partnerships with their customers. Business relations have been developed with Sense's customers from over twenty regions and countries, including Europe, America, Middle East, and East Asia.

What Products Does Sense Develop?

Sense produces a variety of atomizers, box mods, kits, and accessories. Here are series and other products they are known for:

Atomizers - i) Herakles Series - The Herakles, the Herakles V2, the Herakles III, the Herakles Plus, the Herakles Pro and Pro Nano, the Herakles Honor, the Herakles Weirdo, the Herakles RDA and RDA24, and the Herakles RTA (2,4, and Mini).

    ii) Blazer Series - the Blazer 200, the Blazer Mini, the Blazer Nano, the Pro Super Blazer, and the Super Sub-12 Blazer.

    iii) Other Series - the V-Jet and the Mermaid Plus

Box Mods - The V-Jet 18650, the Blazer 80W, and the Blazer 200W.

Kits - The Classic Arrow, the Linkedvape Arrow, the V-Jet, the Blazer 80, and the Blazer 200.

There are no products to list.