What is SMPO?

Nex Labs Limited, or SMPO, was established in London with the motivation to integrate between distributing and manufacturing of E-cigs and smoking alternatives. SMPO personalizes their approach to consumer relations and develops innovative products inside high-tech facilities to provide an excellent experience. The dedicated SMPO team strives to surpass consumer demand in all possible ways. The electronic cigarette offered by the company encompasses not just basic needs but extends into developing a long, productive, professional, and beneficial relationship.

SMPO Products

SMPO Kit - The SMPO is compact and comes with a pre-filled Pod. The design is ergonomic and is comfortable to carry and inhale. The Pods that hold the flavor are magnetic to the device, snapping in place quickly. The colors available include Black or Blue. To use the device, press the button on the SMPO five times to activate. Do the same thing to lock the SMPO. When checking the battery life, there is an indicator that glows while using the device. The white light means the device is over 70% power, the yellow light means the device is between 30%-70% power, and the red light means the device is under 30% power.

SMPO OS - The SMPO OS is s super compact and portable e-cig that is designed for vape consumers on the go. It combines simplicity, revolutionary technology, and refillable Pods, making it the greatest mouth-to-lung vape device. It also has the highest concentrated nicotine for its delivery system. The SMPO OS has a specially designed Pod that has a large feed hole to allow the user to fill quickly. It is also pocket size, making it easy to take anywhere. The device has an innovative heating system called CCELL. The colors available for the SMPO OS include Black, Grey, Red, White, and Polka.

SMPO Pods - The Pods that connect to the devices magnetically come in three flavors that include Menthol, Cassic Tobacco, and Full Fruit.

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