RiP Trippers

What is RiP Trippers?

RiP Trippers is an influential personality on Youtube that talks about the vaping industry products. He has 800,000+ subscribers and over 130,000,000 total views on his videos. His goal is inspiring, informing, and teaching vapers daily with videos on tutorial coil building, product reviews, giveaways, and his vaping passion. RiP Trippers was a first to manufacture and co-design a rebuildable atomizer in 2012. He named it the AC9, and it became largely successful and was a top sought vaping device on the market almost eight months after launch. The AC9 became successful, and China made a clone of it named the RSST. Not long after selling his share of his company, he began making videos again. RiP highly supported Nano Coils and Micro Coils. He also uses organic cotton for his wicking material. RiP even coined some terms. These terms are Flat Bastard Coil, Tin Man Coil, Diamond Coil, Tricro Coil, Chimney Coil, and Nano Coil.

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