Revenant vapes

What is Revenant Vape?

Revenant Vape is a company that develops products for the vape industry. The company has come to the industry to offer higher quality products with better built-in value. Revenant Vape's long-term heritage is a testament to their commitment to the vape community.

Product Lines Revenant Vape Develops

Revenant Vape manufactures a variety of products for the vape industry. Here is a list of products the company develops:

Mods - The Cartel 160, the Revenant 80, and the Tailwind.

Tanks - The Vulpus RDTA.

Kits - The kits Revenant Vape develop include the Cartel 80, the Revenant 80, and the Galaxy One.

NEX Closed System Vaporizers - The Elite Standard, the Elite Type A and Type B, and the Premium.

There are no products to list.