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RYInfinity Tobacco (Recipe) 

Elite Liquid Tobacco is here because of our search for a true tobacco cigarette tasting juice. We searched high and low, from all corners of the internet to the shadiest B&M vapor shops. None of the e liquids we found tasted anything like a Marlboro or Winston or any analog cigarette for that matter. Almost every liquid we found tasted like a slight variation of the same tobacco base everybody else uses. Some call it Cowboy or USA Mix or M-Style, but they all tasted the exact same with slight hint of change if you were lucky. Then you have your nutty or coffee type liquids that taste nothing like a true smoke, just an overpowering nut, coffee or chocolate taste.  So with our search unyielding we took to the lab. In our quest to create a premium e-liquid, we researched tobacco recipes from the cigarette makers and scoured the internet for ideas and tips. In the end we just started from scratch. We bought every flavoring even remotely associated with a tobacco taste, from Burly, Rose and Redwood to Latakia, Stag Leaf and Coumarin.  We set off testing each one individually then combined it with something else and created a huge flavor data base. In the end it was simple trial and error until we had the flavors down. These are not your run of the mill “m-style with a coffee note” kind of flavors.  It is hard to replicate the taste of tobacco burning without actually burning tobacco. We think we got close.

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