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REV Tech

What is Rev Tech?

Rev Tech is a United Kingdom-based company founded in 2017 that develops products in the e-cig industry. The company has an active Research and Development team along with one of the top manufacturing facilities the industry can offer. Rev Tech used to be focused on e-cig ODM and OEM, but now their current goal is bringing electronic cigarettes to a broader audience, changing the perception of e-cigs, and bringing the best technology to manufacture their products to improve lives around the world eventually.

Rev Tech makes it a mission to balance the e-cig market direction with their creativity. This goal guarantees the best outcome for the consumer. Since Rev Tech has a significant manufacturing facility, their team is capable of successfully meeting consumer demands quickly, making their brand competitive with other e-cig companies. The company also exclusively uses the venom chipset in their products. These chips are created with high-quality materials and advanced technology.

About Rev Tech Products

The products created by Rev Tech have a unique design, build quality, screens, and menu systems. Race spirit and automotive inspire the details. Rev Tech's menu systems are easy to use, and the products present every vaping essential along with fresh and unique features.

Products Developed by Rev Tech

Rev Tech manufactures Mods and Tanks. Here are the products the company develops:

Mods - i) Rev GTS - This mod is produced in three colors that include Green, Red, and Blue.

    ii) Rev GTS V2 - This mod is designed in three colors that include Black, Red, and Blue.

    iii) Rev Nitro - This mod is produced three dual colors and one base colors. The dual colors include Red on Black, Grey on Black, and White on Black. The base color includes Black.

    iv) Rev Nitro V2 - This mod is manufactured in five colors that include Black, Orange, Red, Yellow, and White.

    v) Rev Sport - This mod is developed in three colors that include Black, Red, and Sky Blue.

    vi) Rev Sport V2 - This mod is designed in three colors that include Black, Red, and Sky Blue.

Tanks - i) Drift Tank - This tank is produced in three colors that include Black, Red, and Blue. It also can come with four different atomizers: The single core Drift R1, the dual-core Drift R2, the tri-core Drift R3, and the quad-core Drift R4.

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