What is Perl?

Perl is a company that manufactures the Pod Mod called Perl. This vaporizer offers an excellent vaping experience that comes inside an original pod mod that is pocket-sized. The company wanted to have a name that reflected who they were and what they strive to be.

Perl Vaporizer

The Perl Vaporizer is ergonomic, beautiful, sleek, and fits comfortably into the consumer's hand. The product has no buttons and no complicated settings so the consumer can breathe in and enjoy the experience. Each element is made to give a good vapor. For changing flavors, all it takes is replacing the current pod with a different one. The product comes in either Black or White.

How to use the Perl

The Perl's design is focused on being easy to use for consumers. When starting to use the device, touch the Sensor Control for three seconds to turn on the setting mode. Then you will need to tap the Sensor to cycle through the three available vapor strengths. To lock in the vapor strength selected, merely hold the Sensor again for three seconds. To check the battery level, do a double tap. When testing the battery life, the Green means 50-100%, the Yellow means 25-50%, and the Red is 25% or lower. The Perl takes 60 minutes to charge fully and can last up to two days with repeated use or 90 days on standby.

To fill your pod with your chosen e-juice, first remove the mouthpiece from the device with fingertips. Then drip the e-liquid into one of the two small holes to fill. DO NOT put any e-liquid into the bigger center hole. Doing this could cause damage to the device. After loading, secure the mouthpiece back onto the pod and insert the pod onto the Perl. You are now ready to enjoy.

There are a few other tips for getting the Perl Vaporizer. When using a new Pod, allow the e-liquid to sit in the pod for a minimum two minutes. The average lifespan of a pod is around 15 refills before having to dispose of the pod. One way to tell if a Pod needs to be replaced is if you experience a flavor decrease. Also, if using a larger sized e-liquid nozzle, use the funnel provided with the Perl.

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