Ohm Science

What is Ohm Science?

HK Ohm Science Limited, or Ohm Science for short, was founded in 2016 and manufactures professional vaping hardware in China. The company has abundant resources, intense passion, and advanced equipment for striving to bring better experiences to consumers. Ohm Science takes pride in their electronic cigarettes they produce. The company makes a promise to offer the highest quality products they can. The products, along with patents and CE and RoHS certifications, are exported to 50 different countries around the world. Ohm Science believes high-quality products will advance the company further. The Research and Development team pays excellent attention to product quality and emphasize on creativity and innovation of products.

How did Ohm Science Begin?

When the company started, there only existed one employee who worked hard with the founder during Ohm Science's first year. During the second year of the company's existence, there were four employees, and they reached their goal of going from $10k in sales to $100K in sales. During the third year, the number of employees increased to twenty, and the sales increased to $200K. The company continues to get bigger as employees work hard to achieve this. The more employees the company gets, the more equipment Ohm Science brings in. The company's location goal is to move their office into the city's Empire Building eventually.

Products Developed by Ohm Science

Ohm Science develops handcrafted prebuilt Coils for vaping devices. These Prebuilt Coils include Framed Staple, Tricore Fused Clapton, Alien, and Framed Staple Alien.

There are no products to list.