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What is Joyetech?

Joyetech was established the month of December in 2007 and has quickly innovated in the vape industry. In September 2008, the company developed its first independent product, a Joye 510. During the same time, Joyetech created the manual battery, solving the cartridge leakage problem the vape industry had during that time. In October in 2009, the Joye eGo was developed. This product started the sleek design trend in the vape industry and simultaneously increased the cartridge volume and battery life compared to their Joye 510. Joyetech released the Joye eGo-T in 2010 and also put a new tank atomizer that broke the liquid imbibition's technology tradition by using tissues inside the cartridge. In 2011, Joyetech had made a name for themselves on the whole vape market when they launched the eGo-C and 510-T serial products. When consumer's demand for better portability, the eCab was developed. This Joyetech product was able to house changeable batteries and atomizers and was also stylish and sleek which accomplished both goals of a stable vapor function and elegant appearance.

What Products Does Joyetech Produce?

Joyetech develops a large variety of atomizers and batteries where the consumer can combine one of each that are compatible with each other. There are also Kits that have a pre-determined combination of an atomizer and battery. Here is a rundown of the product names etc.

Atomizers - i) ProCore Series - The Procore Conquer, the ProCore Air and Air Plus, the ProCore X, the ProCore Motor, the ProCore SE, the ProCore     Remix, and the ProCore Aries.

      ii) EXCEED Series- The EXCEED Air, the EXCEED 19, and the EXCEED D22 and D22C.

      iii) Cubis Series - The Cubis and Cubis 2 and the Cubis Pro and Pro Mini.

      iv) Other Atomizers - the Joye ECO D16, the UNIMAX 2, and the ULTIMO.

Batteries - i) ESPION Series - The ESPION, the ESPION Solo, and the ESPION Infinite.

    ii) EXCEED Series - The EXCEED Box, the EXCEED Edge, and the EXCEED D19.

    iii) ATOPACK Series - The ATOPACK Dolphin and the ATOPACK Penguin and Penguin SE

    iv) Cuboid Series - The Cuboid, the Cuboid Lite, the Cuboid Pro, and the Cuboid TAP.

    v) eVic Series - The eVic Basic and Basic 60W, the eVic Primo (regular, 2.0, Mini, and SE), the eVic VTC Dual, and the eVic VTwo and VTwo Mini.

    vi) Other Series - the EKEE, the CuBox, and the eGo Twist.

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Ego-C Twist Variable Voltage 1100mah kit

Ego-C Twist KitProduct Introduction:    Verysimple to use, the eGo-C Twist battery features an integratedvariable voltage system that can be seamlessly adjusted with just asimple turn. By using a rotating dial located at the bottom of thebattery, the eGo-C Twist gives users the ability to change theirvoltage output on the fly from 3.2V all the way up to 4.8V, makingthe eGo-C Twist battery very versatile to be able to find that sweetspot for different atomizer resistances.&..


EGo-T 1100mah Battery

EGo-T 1100mah Battery Product Introduction:     The eGo-T, a tried-and-true model of e-cigarette that sports incredible versatility, functionality, and portability. Perfect for the fledgling vaper, this piece of vaping tech will work best with small clearomizers such as the Kanger EVOD 2. The eGo-T's large 1100mAh battery capacity can last for up to 11hrs of continuous use, so it's okay to vape your way all day!Features:-Stainless Steel Chassis-Built-In 110..


CE4 Electronic Cigarette 1100mah Starter Kit

CE4 1100mah Starter KitProduct Introduction:    This is the most popular starter kit we have available.  Never before has it been so cheap to get into vaping!. Grab some e-liquid and you’ll be good to go for under $20!  The EGO vape pen starter kit is a rechargeable and refillable personal vaporizer kit. Just add a bottle E-Juice, we have tons of flavors to choose from to fill your atomizer or fill it with your own e-liquid flavors and concoctions. ..


CE4 Clearomizer Cartomizer Atomizer Tanks 510 Thread (5x Pk)

CE4 Clearomizer Tanks Product Introduction:    These clearomizers also sometimes referred to as a stardust tanks or CE4 clearomizers are designed to work with any 510 threaded ecig battery and all eGo model batteries. CE4 Clearomizers are of the most widely know tanks and have been used essentially since the beginning of vaping itself.    These tanks are made from thick durable polycarbonate and completely sealed at the mouthpie..