What is J Well?

Olivier Sarfati founded J Well in 2012, and the e-cig had then came to the market in the French area. Then, a community of vapers was starting to form. During this time, a small number of retailers were operating in the e-cig market, and they did not have much appeal from the perspective of marketing, specifically on their shop-fitting, design, and the overall quality of the hardware. Stores started opening at an astounding pace, and this facilitated a significant investment in logistics and production. J Well created an e-juice bottling factory near Paris. In 2014, J Well continued to expand across Europe and France. The company eventually founded their production factory in China where they could master production methods through innovation. After J Well's foundation, it became a leading worldwide network within the electronic cigarette industry. The company remains the top distributor in France and has their international market presence in over 25 countries including, Malaysia, Japan, China, Peru, Canada, USA, and Russia.

Research and Development

J Well put a lot of thought into building an R&D team that has specialists in electronics, mechanics, design, and engineering to show off products on the market that are unrivaled in performance and have revolutionary innovation. Applying these unique skills has consistently allowed J Well to manufacture their product range worldwide.

J Well Training

J Well gives specialized and generalized training in each field in the vape market. The company will provide guidance on product operation, electronic safety instructions, or compliance and legislation training. A network manager guides network franchises to excellence. The practice is optional and J Well exclusively offers it to the network members.

Pricing Policy and Marketing

J Well's tariffs on their products are carefully calculated to correspond with the vape market demand. This method guarantees reasonable margins for businesses to develop smoothly. The company has an option of geographical exclusivity with a guaranteed contract. This contract prevents other J Well outlets to be established within a radius of collaboration. J Well has a keen ability to push marketing to the extreme. Every product comes bought with documentation, brochures, and posters that are made by their graphic designers.

Products Developed by J Well

J Well manufactures a variety of products for the vape community. Here is a list of what the company develops:

E-Cigarette - The Lumea, the Pop Mod, and those Inova Infinite. J Well also produces an electronic pipe called the I Line.

Box Mods - The Alesia, the Traxx, the Lumea Box, the Supra 180, the Gecko, the Onyx, the Troca, and the Passy.

Atomizers - The Altea, the Duplx, the Odeon, the Astro, the Atlas, the Strada, the WMax 3, the BTC Air, and the BCS.

Batteries - The Raspail.

There are no products to list.