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Information about writing for Slim's Ejuice Blog

If you are interested in writing for the blog at Slim's Ejuice then here are the requirements.

  • The article must be a minimum of 500 words. If you write an extra long article I will pay out extra juice.

  • The article must be unique and not posted anywhere else.

  • You must agree to give me the rights to your work. I will however list you as the author if you wish, but the property would belong to Slim's Ejuice.

  • The article must be written in good english with no major grammatical errors.

  • The article must be generally positive and promoting ejuice. I won't publish or accept any negative articles about the ecig industry.


The topics available for writing are.

  • Ecig Hardware

  • Ecig Juice Mixes

  • Current Events In The Ecig Industry

  • Why you love Slim's :)

  • Mechanical Mods

  • Anything new and interesting relating to the ecig industry.


All articles will be screened and if accepted and published you will receive 2 50ml bottles of juice per article. If the article is long without a bunch of repetitive information or filler words then you will receive additional bottles depending on the length. Etc. Shipping costs will be covered so these bottles will be 100% cost free in exchange for your writing. Any questions email Jennifer