What is Horizon Tech?

Horizon Tech is located in the United Kingdom, and Horizon Vape Distro exclusively distributes the company's products. They aspire elegant and straightforward design trends and advocate excellent techniques for manufacturing to get perfect quality products. Horizon Tech sticks to creating high-quality products and devote themselves to making outstanding coil and Tanks to meet all the vape community's demands. The company is a UK favorite on supplying e-cigs, having a large variety of other high-quality products to match.

Products Horizon Tech Develops

Horizon Tech is known for their tanks that sell worldwide. Here is a list of the series of tanks the company develops:

Arco 2 Series - The Arco 2 comes in either Black or Blue and the Replacement Glass can come in Black, Blue, or Rainbow.

Duos Series - The Duos Sub Tank comes in either Black, Silver, or Rainbow. Each of these products has interchangeable glass and come in a variety of colors. The colors of the interchangeable glass include White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Black.

Spartan Series - The Spartan Tank and the Spartan Mini.

Falcon Series - The Falcon Tank comes in either Black, Blue, Rainbow, or Green. The Coil Heads compatible with the Falcon Tank include the Falcon F1, the Falcon F2, and the Falcon M1.

Horizon Tech also develops Coils for their tanks.

There are no products to list.