Hohm Tech

What is Hohm Tech?

Hohm Tech is an Indonesia Chemistry product with developments coming from U.S. and Korea research. The company develops Li-ion cylinder batteries that can be used for many products, including electronic cigarettes. Hohm Tech's materials that are raw and processed are provided by Showa Denko, Magna Steyr., and Indonesia Chemistry.

Battery Products Developed by Hohm Tech

Here are the specifications for Hohm Tech's ICHT Li-ion Batteries:

18650 - There are two batteries under this category. The first is the Hohm Work, which is 40.6A Pulse and Peak, 21.5A CDR, and 2531mAh. The second under this category is the Hohm Life, which is 36.3A Pulse and Peak, 20.7A CDR, and 3077mAh.

20700 - The battery in this category is the Sherlock Hohm which is 47.8 Pulse and Peak, 28.4A CDR, and 2782mAh.

21700 - The battery in this category is the Hohm Run.

26650 - The battery in this category is the Hohm Grown which is 51.6A Pulse and Peak, 32.3A CDR, and 4307mAh.

Hohm Tech also produces an Oscillation Charger called Hohm Base.

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